Event Recap: Disney Screens First Two Episodes of “Goosebumps” at Hollywood Forever Cemetery

Slappy is so excited about the new Goosebumps series that he took over Hollywood Forever Cemetery on Sunday, October 22nd, for a special outdoor screening of the first two episodes. Already the most watched season premiere on Disney+ and Hulu, fans are loving the ten-part adaptation of R.L. Stine’s classic book series. And while Slappy the ventriloquist dummy may not have an on-screen role in the episodes screened, the little huy was everywhere!

In addition to posing at the black carpet step and repeat, Slappy was perched by the DJ booth, which began spinning tunes for Guests waiting for the sun to set.

Food trucks served Villa’s Tacos, Raising Canes, and Olive Wood Pizza – complimentary with the price of admission. Seats were set up with a Goosebumps fleece blanket, Slappy mask, popcorn, and bottled water.

Goosebumps fans could test fate at a prize booth, spinning a wheel to find out if they were to receive a hat, t-shirt, or gummy candy.

An outdoor photo booth was set up with Slappy in a frame of broken glass, allowing attendees to recreate the shattered glass key art for the series.

Prints of the photos were given out at the end of the experience.

Don’t let the sinister grin fool you. Slappy is actually very sweet in person.

As the sun set, it was time for the screening, projected onto the back of a white building off the Fairbanks Lawn.

The “Cuckoo Clock of Doom” counted us down to the double-episode screening. It was cool to see “Say Cheese and Die!” and “The Haunted Mask” on a big screen.

New episodes of Goosebumps stream Fridays on both Disney+ and Hulu.

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Alex Reif
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