29 Episodes Of Build-Up All Lead To One Eventful ’80s Themed Dance In Season Finale of “Hailey’s On It!” on Disney Channel

The first season of Hailey’s On It! Has capped off with quite the eventful 80’s themed dance that leaves us more questions for a possible second season than answers for the first. Be advised, BIG SPOILERS ahead.

I Wanna Dance With My Buddy

It’s the season finale we’ve all been waiting for. Hailey has a signed and notarized contract to tell Scott how she really feels, the big 80s dance is here, and we might get some more answers about the future.

Interestingly, we open to see Becker being chased through Oceanside by the feds. She is able to duck and dodge them As she is making her getaway, she ends up getting into a helicopter operated by the “FBI” – which takes her to an interrogation room where we discover they might have a person on the inside – Kennedy.

Kennedy, though, only has one question: Will Becker go to the big ‘80s dance with her? Of course!

While these dance proposals seem to be getting out of hand, Hailey and Scott aren’t too worried about it, as they go to every dance as friends.

Plus, the proposals might not be as necessary as they once were though, thanks to a new app that is sweeping through the school – “Snack Match.” With this new app, users pick what foods they enjoy and they in turn, get assigned a food item. When near those with complementary foods, the app signals a compatibility match.  

Though resistant to by into the hype at first, Scott and Hailey join the app too, especially since Hailey thinks this will help her escape the dreaded confession that she like-likes him. It doesn’t work out that way though since Hailey gets Lobster and Scott gets Cookie. Lobsters and Cookies aren’t a good match, and the rest of the school agrees those two foods are disgusting together.

Nearby, a couple you may recall from the Amazing Hair Club a few episodes back, Tommy D. and Destiny, are breaking up. As Destiny walks by in a huff, her app triggers, as she is Milk, which is a mega-match for Cookies. These two are super compatible.

While Scott was excited to go to the dance with Hailey, the prospect of this mega-compatibility match excites him, and he has to now figure out how to ask Hailey if she can go to the dance with Destiny instead. It turns out that this conversation happens in the middle of a dodgeball game, and frustratedly Hailey lets Scott go on his date with Destiny (get it?). In fact, she’ll just reach out to the guy she met at Botany Camp way back when – Sanjay. You may recall brief mentions of him in the past, but Scott is still genuinely curious and wants to see a picture. Hailey looks up some models and crops one in a cologne ad just right, and Scott is convinced.

At the dance, Scott is spending some time with Destiny and it’s clear that they are not as compatible as the app would make it seem. In fact, Destiny seems to be more concerned with Tommy D. and what he is doing aside from much anything else.

Scott being Scott, he decides to do a bit of parkour and backflips into a cardboard DeLorean (great for the 80s themed dance in a show about changing the future), which does nothing to impress Destiny. In fact, it gets the attention of his ex, Kristine.

They are chatting a bit and Kristine gives him an impromptu pep talk, telling Scott not to worry about what an app says. Which is strange for Kristine to say. However, she almost immediately changes her tune when she discovers that Scott did the matching wrong on the app. You see, Scott thought that you TOSS the favorite foods into your cart and KEEP the unwanted items on the shelf. Which is the exact opposite of how the app works. He retakes the opinion test and discovers that he is not a Cookie, he is Butter. What food matches best with butter? Lobster. You know, Hailey’s food item.

Hailey’s original idea of using the compatibility to show that they are a good match and save herself the talk actually was a thing, as Scott is now realizing that he and Hailey have something special and he realizes that he too like-likes Hailey.

But where is she? She’s not at the dance yet, so he rushes back to her house. On the way, he dances in the rain and buys her flowers and is ready to share his feelings for his best friend. But when he gets there, Hailey answers the door and she is ready to go to the dance – but not with Scott. Sanjay is there, live and in person. He’s real. It’s quite the revelation, especially since Kristine also showed Scott that the picture of his was clearly an ad.

They all go back to the dance together, in an awkward situation that grows more uncomfortable by the second. Once there, we discover that Sanjay can do basically everything that Scott can do, but better. Even Beta likes him more too. Despite that, Beta insists that Hailey stick to her contract so the future will not be disrupted.

Hailey however, finally takes a stand for herself and says she’s going to do what she wants to do, and tears up the contract. Shortly thereafter, the tears we’ve seen throughout the season start to happen and a chaos bot arrives. Sanjay officially asks Hailey out, and she says yes. While this is happening, Beta is chasing the Chaos Bot but AC sees it and follows it too. Investigating this piece of tech, the Chaos Bot sees AC and recognizes him, giving him a greenlight of approval before the bot gets crushed by a falling item caused by Beta. AC has no idea what he has just seen but clearly wants to know so much more.

All the couples are now being asked to do group photos, and Hailey is now part of one. She goes up to Scott, and aside from thanking him for being such a great friend (which he reciprocates, stating how happy he is for her), she asks him to hold her bag for the photos. Now that their phones are near each other, both are going off alerting of the mega-match potential between them.

Scott takes her phone, and deletes the notification, presumably so she’ll never know of their match potential since she’s happy with Sanjay. As he does this, another tear opens in the sky and Scott, panicked, asks what is happening. Beta is nearby and explains this is what happens when we don’t stick to the list items. Scott thinks that he is referring to that attic cleaning item that has been avoided all season, but Beta says that is going to break all the rules of his programming and show Scott the one item that Hailey needed to do tonight.

That said, we don’t actually see the list item presented to Scott, though it’s implied it’s “Kiss Scott Denoga.” And of course, that’s when the credits roll, capping off the first season of Hailey’s On It!

Here’s the REAL problem with this episode. We finally FINALLY have many moving parts all in sync together building tension, drama, suspense, and creating enticing arcs that make us genuinely want the next episode, something this show was built for from episode one but for whatever reason, never attained until now. If you’ve stuck around this long, you have been rewarded and here it is. HOWEVER, there has been no official announcement regarding a second season of this series, and speculation is rampant that there won’t be.

For those naysayers, I offer this: Last year (though the season was still ongoing), fans of Kiff were growing worried that that unique series from Disney TV Animation would not see a second season, and to everyone’s surprise and delight, the second season of that series was announced at the Annecy International Animation Festival in June. We’re only a few weeks away from that, so there is a glimmer of hope on the horizon for fans of Hailey’s On It!

This episode of Hailey’s On It! Is now available on Disney Channel, Disney XD, and the DisneyNOW App. You can also catch up with earlier episodes streaming now on Disney+.

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