Kiff And Barry Test Their Friendship After Becoming A Meme On This Week’s “Kiff”

Kiff lives out one of the deepest fears of this generation while her and Barry’s friendship is strained thanks to a curse in the latest episode of the Emmy nominated series, Kiff.

Hungee Squirrel

Kiff and her parents are at their favorite restaurant, Saddles, enjoying a fun meal. Kiff orders her usual, fresh off the kids menu where she completes the maze and signs her handiwork. Surprisingly, this whole opening bit was uneventful, especially for an episode of Kiff.

Until the next morning, when Kiff is opening her email and finds a message from Barry, showing that someone has taken a picture of her opening her mouth to eat the burger that is the size of her head and turned it into a meme, referring to her as “Hungee Squirrel.”

As with any meme, her fame has become instantaneous and she has quite the fan following, though Kiff is not too thrilled with the unflattering photo spreading around. Others are also editing this photo to show her eating other things aside from the burger. Fellow friends at school are running around, sharing more versions of the photo and even a fully edited Hungee Squirrel video making its rounds. This also serves as this episode’s musical number.

Kiff and Barry even head to a local “attorney” ready to sue the internet for this, but alas, that can’t be done. Fortunately, time heals all things in the world of the internet, and soon a new meme featuring Trevor falling asleep begins circulating. All is well.

Or is it? A commercial has made its debut showing that Saddles has been rebranded, and is now a restaurant themed entirely to Hungee Squirrel. There is no way that Mom and Pop Saddle can do this right? Turns out, when Kiff signed her kids menu and completed maze, she was actually signing a legal document selling over the rights to her likeness, so they can in fact theme the restaurant to her.

Kiff heads over to plead with them, but to no avail. Despite their country charm, they are quite sinister. So, Kiff has to play a little legal hardball, but how?

At the grand opening of the newly rethemed restaurant, all of Table Town’s biggest stars have turned out and are signing the concrete outside of the store in an old Hollywood fashion. One of the photographers nearby shouts for Mom and Pop Saddle to sign the concrete as well, to which they agree. Kiff starts laughing maniacally and a construction crew lifts up the restaurant to reveal a slew of fine print that releases Kiff’s likeness back to her, thus causing the restaurant to have to return to its life as Saddles. How did she do it? Well thanks to the legions of Hungee Squirrel fans who now have no more Hungee Squirrel to enjoy.


Miss Deer Teacher and Principal Secretary are taking a number of students on an overnight field trip to the Foreverangees. But what are the Foreverangees? Thankfully, all is explained during their camping trip before their canoe down river. The legend goes that the Foreverangees are giant creatures who were best friends (similar to Kiff and Barry) that one day got into a huge fight, and turned their back on each other. There, they turned into stone, forever locked in their standoff position.

The next day, as the students peacefully row their canoes toward the giant rock structures, Principal Secretary tells them to take only pictures and not to touch anything else. Disturbing the area could invoke the curse, after all. You know who doesn’t heed that advice? Kiff and Barry – who collect friendship rocks from the base of the Foreverangees once they arrive.

Shortly after, there is tension between the two of them, and as they look around at all their other friends, they notice that each duo is also fighting, and once the others start to turn their back on each other, they too turn to stone. Even Miss Deer Teacher and Principal Secretary can’t agree and turn to stone as well.

Kiff and Barry quickly realize its because they took the rocks from the Foreverangees and set out to return them, but they too are arguing and fighting with each other but they know that no matter what, they can’t turn their backs on each other or they will also turn to stone.

Finally, after a trek that is a bit longer than their earlier route, the return to the Foreverangees, and start arguing again, with Kiff even saying “I don’t even know why we were friends.” Barry, immediately hurt by the past tense use of the word “were,” is upset and turns so Kiff can’t see him cry. As such, Kiff and Barry begin to realize they are slowly turning into stone towers alongside the original Foreverangees when Barry says that if he is staying like this forever, he’s not gonna be stuck like that and he and Kiff are able to give each other a hug as the last parts of their bodies become rock. Then, the light of their love for each other breaks through and shatters their stone shell, and the two are able to go on their way, back to their friends who have also been freed.

Moments later, the Koala we saw floating in a canoe back when we first introduced to the riddling bridge troll approaches the Foreverangees and realizes he must be lost, because these giant stone figures don’t look right. That’s when we see a long shot and realize the giant rocks now appear to be hugging. Isn’t that sweet?

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