“Kingdom of the Planet of the Apes” Trailer Releases During Super Bowl

In another big release during Super Bowl, the first full Kingdom of the Planet of the Apes trailer has been posted.

What’s Happening:

  • The Planet of the Apes continues to grow with the newest film in the franchise.
  • After a large time jump from the end of War of the Planet of the Apes, a new storm is a brewin’.
  • And, by the looks of the new trailer, the human presence is still playing a big part in the warring factions.

  • Alongside the trailer, new character posters were released online.

  • Kingdom of the Planet of the Apes will be released in theaters on May 10th.
Marshal Knight
Marshal Knight is a pop culture writer based in Orlando, FL. For some inexplicable reason, his most recent birthday party was themed to daytime television. He’d like to thank Sandra Oh.