Marvel to Take Fans Where No 2099 Story Has Gone Before in “Annihilation 2099”

Over the last few years, acclaimed writer Steve Orlando has breathed new life into Marvel’s revolutionary 2099 future. This July, he returns alongside a lineup of superstar artists to go where no 2099 story has gone before in "Annihilation 2099.”

  • Together with a lineup of incredible artists including Nick Bradshaw, Ibraim Roberson, José Luis, Pete Woods, Ario Anindito, and Dale Eaglesham, Orlando will introduce a new cast of 2099 characters in a bold new vision of the galaxy-shattering "Annihilation” storyline.
  • Taking place after last year’s Miguel O’Hara – Spider-Man 2099 series, "Annihilation 2099″ will continue the tradition of introducing fresh takes on classic Marvel icons.
  • Releasing weekly throughout July, get ready to meet Nova 2099, Starlord 2099, Red Hulk 2099, and Silver Surfer 2099, and witness the return of Dracula 2099.
  • The thrilling saga will be perfect for both newcomers to the 2099 landscape and longtime fans, and gears up readers for what’s to come for 2099 storytelling later this year.

"Annihilation 2099 #1″

Written by Steve Orlando

Art by Ibraim Roberson

  • A remote town on a remote world is devastated by the ravenous, unforgiving Knull Set, a gang of raiders and thieves obsessed with offering all life up to the darkness. But that all changes when a stranger comes to town, a stranger from the stars who answers to his own code. The last survivor of Xandar… the last Nova. Who is the Last Nova, and what great tragedy does he carry on his back? Is he the inheritor of the Nova Corps or its destroyer? Plus, in a special backup by Orlando and Dale Eaglesham, Dracula’s ship set course for the stars, seeking the brave new world his daughter Lilith forged for the vampires of Earth. But what tragedy does fate have in store for his journey and will he ever be reunited with his people?

"Annihilation 2099 #2″ (OF 5)

Written by Steve Orlando

Art by Jose Luis

  • Starlord guards the solar systems of 2099! But she faces a villain like no other: Quasar, the Living Star! Born to a fallen star, raised on Planet Wakanda, Starlord risks her life to save a world against a sun gone mad!

"Annihilation 2099 #3″

Written by Steve Orlando

Art by Pete Woods

  • Explorer Ross Romero’s team ends up mining Ego the Living Planet! What makes Ross transform into an all-new Red Hulk whose cosmic strength and hyperspace jumps are fueled by the power primordial? And is the new Red Hulk’s power enough to defeat Terrax, the Planet Hunter?

"Annihilation 2099 #4″

Written by Steve Orlando

Art by Ario Anindito

  • His life cut short, Mephisto offers Jonah Marlo a deal– more time among the living in return for his soul. Now he collects souls for his master…as the Silver Surfer of 2099! But he can do the devil’s bidding no longer! It’s Mephisto vs the Silver Surfer with a galaxy of souls on the line!

"Annihilation 2099 #5″

Written by Steve Orlando

Art by Dale Eaglesham

  • After a derelict spacecraft crashes on an alien world, the wreck reveals a deadly discovery – Dracula! But this is a planet terrified of the daylight, which Dracula couldn’t love more. Soon, he’s their hero. When a Darkhawk attacks from the stars, Dracula fights back! But does he want to save the planet or make it the first world in his new empire?
  • Check out the new characters on Nick Bradshaw’s main covers and preorder the series at your local comic shop today.

What they’re saying:

  • Writer Steve Orlando: “2099 is back and it's going cosmic! ‘Annihilation 2099’ has been the best kind of challenge — bringing even more cosmic into Marvel's iconic cyberpunk line, and keeping it all fresh, provocative, and surprising!”
  • Editor Mark Paniccia: “No pun intended, but Steve, Ibraim, Ario, Jose, Pete and Dale have knocked this 2099 epic out of orbit! Each issue is action packed with a unique vibe and tone. There’s horror, western, 50’s sci-fi, super hero and all COSMIC! It’s hard to pick a favorite they’re all so good! And Pete Woods’ character designs are incredible. I hope they make action figures of them all soon! The heroes introduced in "Annihilation 2099 are each heroes I could write forever–each with their own tragic beginnings in the Mighty Marvel Tradition. And behind it all? An iconic horror antihero who is taking his vengeance to the stars. Red Hulk 2099! Silver Surfer 2099! Nova 2099! Marvel's future goes intergalactic this summer, and I can't wait for everyone to see it!”
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