Mouse Madness 10: Elite 8 – “Part of Your World” vs. “Go The Distance”

We have made it through the first round of our 10th annual Mouse Madness tournament and now we are moving on to the Elite 8. The eight remaining songs will compete for a spot in the Final 4 as they look to continue to survive and advance their way through our bracket to be crowned the very best Disney song.

Before we move on to our next matchup, let’s take a look at our last result. Ladies and gentlemen, we may have a new odds-on favorite to win it all. “When You Wish Upon a Star” dethroned the top-seeded “A Whole New World” and made it look easy. The Pinocchio favorite may just go on to claim the crown. You know, as dreamers do.

The last spot in the Final 4 is up for grabs in the “I Want…” region. “Part of Your World” took down the biggest blowout victory of the first round, defeating “Reflection” by a score of 72-28. Its collection is not yet complete though as that was just the first of what could be four wins for this powerhouse song. Will it be able to make it an all The Little Mermaid Final 4 matchup against “Poor Unfortunate Souls?”

We can’t look ahead to that matchup though. “Go The Distance” has already pulled off one upset in this tournament, defeating “How Far I’ll Go” 55-45. Now, the Hercules hit is just a win away from the Final 4, where a great warm welcome will be waiting. Just kidding, it would be a matchup with Ursula.

Vote in the poll below for which song you think should move on to the next round.

Be sure to come back tomorrow as we reveal the winner of today’s poll and continue onward through our bracket to crown the best Disney song!

Mike Mack
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