TV Recap and Review: “Percy Jackson and the Olympians” – Episode 7 “We Find Out the Truth, Sort Of” and Find That Even Three-Headed Giant Dogs Like to Play Fetch


Percy (Walker Scobell) walks into Crusty’s Waterbed Palace and meets the proprietor Crusty (Julian Richings) who is very pleased to welcome him. Percy knows who Crusty is and announces that he is Procrustes, a son of Poseidon, and murderer of travelers.

Declining an offer of rest, Percy tells Crusty that he knows there is a secret path to the Underworld in the store, and Percy wants Crusty to let him have access. Trying to convince him to sit on the bed, an invisible Annabeth (Leah Jeffries) pushes Crusty onto the bed who is trapped.

Taunting them that they will fail, Annabeth tells Procrustes that he is lucky that they are letting him keep his head (They didn’t in the book.) Grover (Aryan Simhadri) enters wondering if it is safe. The three approach a back door that says do not enter and before entering, Percy gives his friends each a pearl that was gifted to him by Poseidon, saying that these are their tickets back out.

Stepping through the door, each bravely walks into the Underworld. A flashback to when Percy was younger, Sally Jackson (Virgina Kull) tries to convince her son that this new school is the best thing for him. According to his mom, it is a great school for students with learning differences. Not wanting to go, Sally tells her son that she must make choices for her son that he may not understand but it is necessary.

In the Underworld, the trio sees the bleakness of the land of the dead. Hoping to beat Charon to the entrance to the Underworld, the demigods try to cut through the line of waiting souls, when they encounter Charon who says that they are not dying, and that they didn’t pay the fee to cross.

Percy offers to pay in drachmas, which interests the boatmen, but it’s the sight and sound of Cerberus, the three headed dog guarding the gate that catches their attention after Charon summoned the beast. Chased by the canine, Cerberus is tamed by Annabeth who has climbed on top of the dog and gave it some loving pets. Calmed, Percy watches as Grover crawls out of the mouth of the dog.

Their only hope is to use the flying shoes Luke gave them. Grover flies Percy to the top of the mountain, as Annabeth joins them later by climbing from the top of the dog after playing fetch with a red ball. Cerberus is tamed and loving towards the daughter of Athena.

In the distance they see Hades’ palace, but Grover realizes that he lost his escape pearl which was eaten by Cerberus. Another flashback to Percy’s youth shows how his acceptance to his new school is being withdrawn. Percy watches from outside the office how his mother fights for her son.

Grover is talking about how now that since they only have three pearls, he volunteers to stay behind so that they can rescue Percy’s mom. Percy tells his friends that he is the only person staying behind.

Arriving in Asphodel, the demigods meet spirits who can’t hear them nor speak to them. The souls here are bound by regret and the consequences of decisions they made and didn’t make in life. A brief separation from Annabeth leads to a major problem. Annabeth has become rooted to her spot like the other lost souls. Vowing to distract Cerberus, Grover and Percy take off leaving their friend behind.

Isolated in a desert area, Grover is nearly dragged into a bottomless pit by his out of control flying shoes. Saved by Percy and his ability to anchor himself into the ground with his sword, Percy collapses to the ground only to learn that he has the master bolt in his backpack. Initially denying that it is the master bolt, Grover questions why Percy would have the master bolt in his bag.

Telling his friend that it’s not his bag but the one given to him by Ares, Grover thinks the quest is over, and that Zeus is expecting it to be returned. Grover tells his friend that Zeus is going to have to wait and that it’s time to go get Percy’s mom.

Back in the past, Sally sits her young son down and tells him to give this new school a chance. Not wanting to spend their last few minutes in silence, Percy asks his mom why she is trying so hard to get rid of him. Percy says that he would never do this to her. Upset by her son’s accusation, Sally goes to pay.

In the present, Percy and Grover enter Hades’ palace, where they are met by the god of the dead. Hades (Jay Duplass) walks towards them greeting them and welcoming them. Wondering if he can get them anything, Percy wants his mother. Impressed by his straightforward manner, Hades shows Percy his mom. Seeing his mother frozen in place, Hades tells the young demigod that he saved her life. He planned to keep his mom until Percy came to see him and they could make an exchange.

Thinking he wants Zeus’ master bolt Percy asks Hades to let his mom go. Accusing him of being in league with Ares, Hades is shocked by the accusation. Hades doesn’t want any part of his brother’s drama with the bolt. Hades reveals to the two that he wants his Helm of Darkness which also was stolen a few days ago. Hades says he doesn’t fester with jealousy, that’s what his brothers do and that’s why he doesn’t leave the Underworld much anymore.

Percy makes the guess that it has been Kronos, the Titan lord and grandfather of Zeus, Poseidon, and Hades, manipulating everyone. He describes to Hades how when they were close to the entrance to Tartarus they were nearly dragged in because Percy had the master bolt in his bag. Who else would want revenge but Kronos.

Hades tells Percy to ask him for sanctuary. He’s willing to protect Percy, Grover, and his mother if he gives him the master bolt. Hades knows a war with Kronos is coming and needs the bolt to defend himself. Percy tells Hades that he will get his helm and exchange it for his mom. Percy and Grover use the pearls and escape from the Underworld.

Back in time, Sally calls for Poseidon to appear, and in walks the god of the sea to the diner she is eating at with Percy. Talking to Poseidon (Toby Stephens) he learns that Sally wants to take Percy to Camp Half-Blood. He is attracting attention from the demigod world, and at camp he would be safe.

Asking her why she doesn’t want Percy at camp, Poseidon wants to know why. Sally tells Poseidon that she wants Percy to know who he is before the gods of Olympus try to tell him who he is. Agreeing with Sally, Poseidon tells her that Percy needs to go to school and learn things that she can’t teach him. It might be difficult, but according to Poseidon, Percy’s mom raised him well. Asking if he wants to talk to him, Poseidon says that one day, when Percy is ready, he will talk to him.

On the beach in Santa Monica, Annabeth returns to her friends to help Percy to his feet. Ares is in the distance brandishing his sword and walking towards them. Percy reveals his sword and looks forward to the upcoming battle.


There are many differences between the show and the source material for this week’s episode, and while I missed not seeing more of Percy’s interaction with Charon on the journey into the Underworld, I can accept the changes.

The growth of the strength that bonds Annabeth, Percy, and Grover was well executed in this week’s episode. Annabeth staying behind to distract Cerberus to help Percy was a brilliant change that allowed Percy and Grover to continue the journey. Many moments from the book were captured in slightly alternate forms, especially with the scene where Grover is almost sucked into Tartarus with his flying shoes.

The spirit and the essence of the chapters lived beautifully on screen, but the changes were great improvements.

Starting with the appearance of Jay Duplass as Hades. We have already seen enough monsters, having the God of the Underworld want to do a simple deal in a calm and orderly fashion was the best possible change from the book. While it was fun to read about how Hades is overworked and that’s why he doesn’t want the war between his brothers, the resolution in the show was much better for television.

The biggest change, and I am a HUGE fan of Virgina Kull, was having the flashback scenes to Percy being sent to school. This not only was a backstory that was hinted at in later books, but the audience gets to understand what life was like for Sally as she was trying to raise Percy on her own. Having Toby Stephens appear as Poseidon in this scene from the past was an incredible choice. The audience needs to see Percy’s father, and we need to know that this god of the sea wasn’t a deadbeat dad. Rather he supported Sally in the best way he could.

Having the episode end with the impending fight between Percy and Ares is cinematic and perfect storytelling for television. It reminds me of the 1930’s serial films that would have the exciting conclusion to the story in the next reel or film coming soon.

Episode Rating: A  

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