“The Original X-Men #1” Celebrates the 60th Anniversary of the Team This December

Announced earlier today, the original X-Men are back for the franchise’s milestone 60th anniversary! Hitting stands this December, “Original X-Men #1″ is a super-sized one-shot spotlighting the X-Men’s founding five members and will be crafted by two X-Men titans, writer Christos Gage and artist Greg Land.

  • In 1963’s monumental “X-Men #1,” Stan Lee and Jack Kirby introduced Cyclops, Marvel Girl, Beast, Iceman and Angel to the world and transformed pop culture as we know it! Six decades later, the original roster is regarded as one of the most legendary super hero lineups in comic book history.
  • This group of young mutant icons were chosen by Professor X to be the foundation of his mutant dream and now, they’ve been plucked from time for a sacred mission across the multiverse by none other than the Phoenix Force!
  • After the cosmic entity restores the team’s lost memories, this bold epic will explore themes that were introduced when Brian Michael Bendis brought the O5 to present day in 2012’s blockbuster hit, All-New X-Men, and will set up a brand-new X-Men series launching next year!
  • The first and greatest heroes to bear the X-Men name once traveled into their own futures and reset the course of history.
  • Now another multiversal mystery calls them forth. When the dust settles, one hero will remain, trapped in the world as we know it. With shocking surprise guests and heart-pounding twists and turns, Gage and Land kick off a story that will shake the whole MU!
  • See the team assemble on Ryan Stegman’s cover below and be there when the “Original X-Men” make mutant history once more this December.

What they’re saying:

  • Writer Christos Gage: “It’s up to them to find a way to either convince their older selves that they’re making a horrible mistake, or somehow defeat these far more powerful versions of them. Basically, it’s about your younger, idealistic self coming into conflict with your older, jaded self who’s made compromises and given up dreams in order to survive and do what they think is best, even if that means making hard choices along the way.”
Mike Mack
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