Disney Afternoon at Hot Topic – Colorful Shirts Featuring Characters from “Gargoyles,” “Rescue Rangers” and More

We all know Hot Topic has a very specific look and feel, but along with some of their edgier products are plenty of awesome Disney items too. In fact their website is so full of Disney goodies that we’ve been breaking things down into some of our favorite characters and movies. But today, we’re looking at apparel inspired by the Disney Afternoon television block from the 1990s.

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On any given day you can find us browsing the internet for Disney themed merchandise, sales and other shopping opportunities. Over at Hot Topic guests will discover a wide selection of apparel (T-shirts, tank tops, and hoodies) inspired by Disney Afternoon shows like Chip ‘n Dale: Rescue Rangers, TaleSpin, Darkwing Duck, Gargoyles, DuckTales and a lone shirt featuring Goof Troop.

Chip ‘n Dale: Rescue Rangers

The chipmunk brothers are on the case and they’ve brought their friends Gadget and Monterey Jack. The whole gang appears together on several shirt designs, then Gadget takes the spotlight on classic tee, while Chip ‘n Dale pop up on a few shirts of their own. Oh! And if you’re going for something super simple, you’ll love the solid tee that features the show’s “R/R” logo.

Disney Chip 'n Dale: Rescue Rangers Gadget Hackwrench Girls T-Shirt – BLUE

Disney Chip And Dale Rescue Rangers T-Shirt – WHITE

Disney Chip 'n Dale: Rescue Rangers Logo T-Shirt – BLACK

Disney Chip 'n Dale: Rescue Rangers Bunch Girls T-Shirt – GREY


Pilot Baloo and trusty navigator Kit Cloudkicker flew onto our TV screens and into our hearts and now the adventure seeking duo alongside Louie and Wildcat are starring on T-shirts! Fans will love the fun selection of designs featuring characters from the series as well as simple shirts with signature logo.

Disney TaleSpin Higher For Hire T-Shirt – GREY

Disney Talespin Tales Cover Cowlneck Long-Sleeve Girls Top – BLUE

Disney TaleSpin Logo Spin Girls Tank – YELLOW

Darkwing Duck

Things are about to get dangerous! The web-toed crime fighter is ready to take on any number of challenges including how to decide which wallet featuring his face you should purchase. The answer is both! The bifold style will fit nicely in your back pants pocket while the zip around style is perfect for placing in a larger bag or backpack. And yes, there are Darkwing Duck shirts too. We love the heathered blue tank top decorated with the classic logo.

Disney Darkwing Duck Cape Bifold Wallet

Disney Darkwing Duck Purple Fade Zip Around Wallet

Disney Darkwing Duck Darkwing Logo Tank – BLUE


Rest easy tonight New York City, the Gargoyles are on the watch and ready to jump in at a moment’s notice! Fans who love the whole team will appreciate the group shirts, while those who want to single out Goliath or Demona as a favorite will like the solo designs.

Disney Gargoyles Stone By Day Crew Sweatshirt – BLACK

Disney Gargoyles Retro Rock Girls T-Shirt – GREY

Disney Gargoyles Demona T-Shirt – BLACK

Disney Gargoyles Goliath Big Face Crew Sweatshirt – BLACK

Goof Troop

Ok so there’s not much for fans of Goof Troop to browse (A Goofy Movie though is another story) but there is one very 90s style tee picturing Pete and Goofy with their sons PJ and Max.

Disney Goofy Goof Troop T-Shirt – BEIGE/TAN


Woo-oo! We wouldn’t forget this gem of a show and since we’re focusing on 90s era Disney Afternoon, we’re looking at merchandise inspired by the original series and not the late 2010s Disney Channel reboot. Donald and his nephews Huey, Dewey and Louie pop up in plenty of places including this crew tee, but it’s Great Uncle Scrooge we’re loving most of all. His grumpy face takes over a comic-inspired belt, and to mix things up he’s all smiles on a design where he’s amassing bags of money.

Disney Ducktales Ducktales Crew T-Shirt – BLACK

Disney Ducktales Scrooge Mcduck Poses Comic Strip Scenes Seatbelt Belt

Disney Ducktales Scrooge Throwing Dollars Hoodie – RED

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