Toy Fair 2023: Disney, Star Wars, and Marvel Tomagotchi, Q Posket Figures, and S.H.Figuarts

From the cutest and coolest Disney, Marvel, and Star Wars licensed products from Japan to the revival of 90s icon Tamagotchi, Bandai Namco always has a lot of neat things to showcase at Toy Fair. 2023 was no exception, and with hot deals for Amazon Prime Day, we will start our look at this year’s showcase with Tomagotchi, which includes Disney and Star Wars licensed digital pets.


I was obsessed with Tamagotchi when the Japanese digital pet toy first came to the United States in the late 90s. Not only is the original version back, but there are licensed versions now. From Star Wars droids like R2-D2 and younglings like Grogu, Tamagotchi lets you bring a galaxy far, far away to as close as your pocket.

The coast is clear to play with Toy Story Tamagotchi. Bring home Buzz and/or Woody, so you’ve always got a friend near you.

And what could be more fitting for this Japanese toy than a Kingdom Hearts edition? Not only can you help take care of original characters like Sora, but you can also look after timeless heroes like Donald Duck and Goofy!

While you can never go wrong with the original 8-bit black and white classic, the latest and greatest is Tamagotchi Uni. Now in full color and connected over wifi to the TamaVerse, Tamagotchi is more interactive than ever.

Tamagotchi Uni devices can connect with other nearby players, allowing for group play, item exchange, and more. You can even send your UniTama off into the world to pursue their dreams. These are also wearable on your wrist instead of functioning as a bag clip, allowing for motion-based games like dancing. Also new to the brand is a rechargeable battery via an included USB-C cord.

As hard as it is to say goodbye to these digital monsters, there’s lots more to see!


Relive your favorite Disney fairytales with QPosket figures by Banpresto. Some upcoming Disney figures were on display, like three separate Ariel options, two Belles, and a new Snow White, Cinderella, Tinker Bell, Alice, and Jasmine.

On display were the brighter Version A figures, but Q Posket collectors will naturally have their preference between this or the Version B softer, more pastel variants. It’s not a mystery which version you’re getting, as evidenced by the packaging. For example, the Ariel in the center of the image above is Version A, which corresponds to the turquoise box below. In contrast, the maroon box contains Version B, the same figure but with softer colors.

This new wave introduces key story moments to the poses, such as Cinderella’s dress just after the Fairy Godmother transformed her rags for the ball.

Also new to the Disney line is Q Posket Sleeping. The first two characters introduced in this style are Cinderella (Version A and Version B) and Ariel (Version A and Version B).

Lastly, the new Disney Flower Style takes these timeless characters and incorporates their favorite flowers. The introductory wave features Cinderella (Version A and Version B), Belle (Version A and Version B), and Ariel (Version A and Version B).

Tamashii Nations

S.H.Figuarts poseable action figures with swappable parts have elevated the collector market. On display this year were figures from Spider-Man: No Way Home, including Toby McGuire's Peter Parker (The Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man) and Andrew Garfield’s version (The Amazing Spider-Man).

One of the super deluxe upcoming options is Iron Man Mark 85 from Avengers: Endgame.

And your collection can get ultra cheeky with a new Deadpool 2 figure.

The Meisho Movie Realization line does a bit of Star Wars reverse engineering. Since George Lucas was heavily inspired by Japanese culture and the samurai films of Akira Kurosawa, this action figure line takes the Star Wars silhouette back to its roots.

From the recent series Star Wars: Obi-Wan Kenobi comes the Samurai Taisho Darth Vader (Vengeful Spirit) figure. My favorite detail is the battle-worn elements on his helmet.

A samurai Obi-Wan figure is also part of the upcoming collection, with levitating force wicks on Vader’s base for him to “control.”

Bandai Hobby

For ages 15 and up, Bandai Hobby brings snap-together model building to Star Wars fans, with lots of customization options. The 1/4 scale Grogu, for example, has four different face options and two different ear options. Other model figures include The Mandalorian and Boba Fett, while ships include the Slave 1, Razor Crest, and Millennium Falcon.


We conclude our showcase of Bandai’s Toy Fair showcase with Nanoblock, the micro building block phenomenon. Licensed Nanoblock sets include popular anime franchises and Sanrio’s timeless Hello Kitty and Friends.

Charles Schultz’s Peanuts also get in on the Nanoblock fun.

But by far, the most popular (and populous) Nanoblock IP is Pokemon, with almost 150 characters introduced to the brand, and counting!

That’s a wrap on the Bandai showcase for Toy Fair 2023. Click here for more of our Toy Fair coverage.

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