Toy Fair 2023: Jazwares – Star Wars Micro Galaxy Squadron, Marvel’s Spidey and his Amazing Friends, Pokémon, Squishmallows, and More!

I’m often jealous of today’s generation of kids who get to play with toys that incorporate new technologies that didn’t exist when I was a kid, especially when seeing everything new at Toy Fair. That’s why stopping at Jazwares is always exciting.  They don’t just make toys for kids, but also for the kidult in all of us. Whether you’re looking to collect the worlds of your favorite franchises, or want to color up a room with some fun plush, here’s a look at everything Jazwares had on display this year.

Adult Halloween Costumes

Halloween is just around the corner, and Jazwares offers licensed costumes for both kids and adults. Three adult costumes were on display at Jazwares’ showcase at New York Toy Fair, starting with the Darth Vader Qualux Costume. The printed poly jersey depicts Lord Vader’s life support systems and includes a detachable cape and a 3D half mask, all for a suggested retail price of $53.00.

Swing around town in the Marvel Adult Deluxe Spider-Man Zentai Suit. This spandex suit features a graphic design of Peter Parker's classic suit, with a separate spandex mask with plastic molded eyes included for $54.99. A zipper in the back extends all the way down to the crotch, making it easy to get in and out of.

If Spider-Man isn’t edgy enough for you, you can push boundaries in the Marvel Adult Deadpool Zentai Suit. Like the Spider-Man suit, this form-fitting spandex jumpsuit includes printed designs of Wade Wilson's suit, with a separate mask. This one features zippers in the front and back, as well as wrist openings.

Star Wars Micro Galaxy Squadron

New this fall is the Star Wars Micro Galaxy Squaron AT-AT Walker from The Empire Strikes Back. Retailing for $59.99 and for ages 8 and up, this highly detailed line of miniature figures and vehicles is a Star Wars fan’s dream space-saving collectible. The star of this new set is a 10–inch Imperial Walker from the Battle of Hoth, with light-up laser canons, articulated legs and head, a cockpit that opens, and a side panel with a light-up command center, troop bay, speeder storage bay, and troop deployment crane.

The set comes with articulated 1-inch figures of Luke Skywalker in his Hoth gear, General Veers, an AT-AT Pilot, and 2 Snowtroopers. It also comes with a Hoth Speeder Bike. You can combine this with other Star Wars Micro Galaxy Squadron releases to create your own miniature battle scenes.

Marvel’s Spidey and his Amazing Friends

Jazwares offers lots of fun ways for preschoolers to interact with their favorite Disney Junior show, Marvel’s Spidey and his Amazing Friends. Plush dolls of Peter Parker, Miles Morales, and Gwen Stacey allow kids to flip up their mask to reveal their faces through the Secret Hero Reveal talking plush collection.

Kids who love cars and Spidey will adore the Web Transporter Feature Vehicle, a 14-inch playset that comes with 3 mini vehicles (Spidey, Ghost-Spider, and Miles Morales). The Web Transporter lights up and plays sounds, featuring 12 action zones, including a helipad and a ramp. Best of all, when playtime is done, the transporter acts as a storage case for up to 6 mini vehicles.

Amazing Metals vehicles take Spidey and His Amazing Friends (and baddies) on the road in 3-inch die-cast toys. They’re available individually, or as a Target exclusive 7-pack that bundles multiple heroes and villains.

The coolest way to play with Amazing Metals vehicles is with the Spidey & His Amazing Friends Amazing Metals Track Set. This 24″ dual race track features 5 action zones, including Green Goblin’s crash walls, a collapsing bridge, and a web swing. Comes with 2 vehicles of Spidey and Miles.


The holidays are just around the corner and Squishmallows are getting into the holiday spirit with a variety of festive characters.

These include fan favorites, like Brina the Pink Bigfoot wearing a scarf and a winter hat, as well as new originals like a bottle of Milk for Santa and a Christmas Tree with Snow, both exclusive to CVS.

Squishmallows won Plush of the Year at the Toy of the Year Awards for Borsa the Spotted Highland Cow. Licensed Pokémon Squishmallows also won Collectible of the Year (more details on Pokémon Squishmallows can be found below in the Pokémon section).

Diehard Squishmallows collectors will know about one of the rarest Squishmallows ever made, the Jazmanian Lion, made to commemorate Jazwares 25th anniversary and exclusively given to Jazwares employees. A giant version of the Jazmanian Lion was on display at Toy Fair for photo ops.


New to Jazwares at this Toy Fair was BumBumz, 7.5" trendy, soft, sensory plush. The display included some larger-than-life display pieces, including a Christmas tree and fireplace from the holiday collection.

From foods like BreakfastBumz and KitchenBumz to pop culture collections like GroovyBumz and RetroBumz, these little cuddle buddies have a lot of personality.

Hello Kitty and Friends

Jazwares is now Sanrio’s North American master toy maker and Hello Kitty fans get a first look at the initial collection, launching next year. These include plush figures of some of your favorite Sanrio friends, including Kuromi, My Melody, Cinnamoroll, and Keroppi.

Furry friends won’t be left out, with an adorable Hello Kitty pet bed coming soon.

Adopt Me!

The ultimate pet adoption Roblox game comes home through a line of plush and action figures, each of which comes with a special code that can be used in the game. Among them is the Neon Unicorn plush with 3 light patterns. The code gives players a Rainbow Maker Backpack that will create a rainbow wake behind your avatar in the game.

Action figure sets are also part of the collection, with a Coffee Shop and Playground Playset standing out as something special. It comes with a playground and coffee shop to scale with the included figures of Archer the barista and Visitor Gem, plus pets like Bee, Queen Bee, Irish Elk, and Pelican. Among the accessories is the ultra-rare rainbow stroller. Plus it comes with a virtual code that gives players a Growing Flower Hat.

Individual and multi-pack mystery pets come with a themed egg containing a 2-inch mystery pet figure, an adoption certificate, and a virtual code.

Similarly, Surprise Plush are themed eggs that contain a 5-inch mystery plush pet and a virtual item code.


More Roblox fun can come home through Jazwares’ DevSeries, a collection of figures from popular games that also come with in-game cods reddemable for items. Among the brands within DevSeries are Livetopia Roleplay, Jail Break, Brookhaven, Murder Mystery 2, Atsenal Reloaded, Hide & Seek Extreme, Ninja Legends, Build a Boat for Treasure, Fashion Famous, Tower of Hell, Mad City Chapter 2, and Wild Horse Islands.

Mystery Figs by DevSeries make it possible to collect 12 2.75-inch action figures from these fan-favorite games: Cowboy, Officer, and Doctor from Brookhaven, Corporate Bailout, Inmate, and SWAT Boss from Jailbreak, Pirate and Mobster from Arsenal Reloaded, Emma and Jake from Hide and Seek Extreme, and Master Sensei and Assassin from Ninja Legends. They can all be customized with Mix and Match swappable pieces and the included code unlocks in-game content relevant to the character you got.

The Jailbreak: Hiding in Plain Sight Multipack by DevSeries comes with 2.75-inch articulated action figures of Granny Inmate, Clown Inmate, Ice Cream Worker Inmate, Incognito Inmate, Baby Inmate, and Ghillie Suit Inmate. These figures have the same Mix and Match capability as the mystery figures and also comes with a virtual item code for use in Jailbreak.

Also Mix-and-Match compatible is the Arsenal Reloaded: Rivals Multipack by DevSeries, which comes with 2.75-inch articulated action figures of Hackula, Performer, Phantina, Bishop of Time, Isaiah, and Zombella.

Squooshems Blinds are squeezable mystery figures, with options that include Sparkplug from Brookhaven, Nikilis from Murder Mystery 2, SWAT Pass Gamer from Jailbreak, Froggy from Arsenal Reloaded, Zeg from Build A Boat For Treasure, Playground T-Rex from Livetopia, Ethan from Hide and Seek Extreme, and Sensei from Ninja Legends. Like the other toys in this collection, each Squooshems figure comes with a code redeemable for in-game accessories.


Gotta catch ‘em all! Pokémon never go out of style, and Jazwares is constantly coming up with new ways for fans to bring their favorite portable characters home. The award-winning Pokémon Squishmallows line will expand with new characters in addition to a winking Pikachu.

Other plush Pokémon characters expand the collection, including sleeping Pikachu and Charmander making the perfect snuggle buddies. There are also 8-inch plush figures of Pikachu, Chimchar, Piplup, Turtwig, Squirtle, and Pancham.

The Carry Case Battle Desert Playset folds up into a backpack that doubles as a storage case for everything included.

When set up, it features 9 interactive action zones. It comes with a 2-inch Pikachu Battle Figure, and you can collect other Battle Figures to add to the set.

Battle Figures also come in bundles with clipable Poké Balls called Clip and Go. While they can fit on any belt, Jazwares also offers a bundle with a themed belt for aspiring Pokemon trainers. And for kids who really want to feel like a trainer, the Train & Play Deluxe Pikachu 4.5-inch figure features over 50 unique reactions. With arms, ears, and a tail that moves and light-up cheeks, kids will bond with their new Pikachu as they train it using included berries that the animated figure responds to.

Want to extend your Pokémon fan’s excitement all December long? A new Advent Calendar offers more characters to collect.


If your little ones love CoComelon, they will go gaga over the new Dancing JJ animated plush with 3 play modes:  Learn to Dance, Fast & Slow, and Freeze Dance. Peek-A-Boo JJ also moves and plays with 17 sounds and phrases. And My Friend Nina is bilingual, with phrases and songs in both English and Spanish.

Call of Duty

Jazwares is celebrating the 20th anniversary of this fan-favorite video game series with home decor and action figures. The centerpiece of the collection is the "Ghost" 8-inch Bust Statue that includes a balaclava mask, decorative headphones, and a weighted base. 6.5 inch, highly articulated action figures of “Ghost” (Jawbone) Alex Mason, and Frank Woods (Payback) complete the line.

AEW Unrivaled Series 12

The AEW Unrivaled Figures Collection expands with Series 12, adding Jon Moxley, Dax Harwood, Cash Wheeler, Marq Quen, Isiah Kassidy, and Jamie Hayter. This wave also includes a chase variant of Jon Moxley (limited to 5,000 figures) and a rare variant of Jamie Hayter (limited to 3,000 figures). Each figure features 25 points of articulation to create the ultimate display.

Jazwares Vault

Revealed at Toy Fair, Jazwares Vault is a new way for fans and collectors to be among the first to know about exciting new releases and how to get them. This includes many of the brands that adult collectors are always in search of, including Star Wars, Fortnite, Call of Duty, and AEW.

No matter your age, Jazwares makes it easy to bring fun home. From preschool properties like Marvel’s Spidey and his Amazing Friends, to all-ages brands like Pokémon, there’s a little something for everyone.

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