Toy Fair 2023: PMI Kids World Showcases Launches “Piñata Smashlings” and “Pudgy Penguins”

PMI Kids World is one of the worldwide leaders in licensed toys, which is why their Toy Fair booth was so hot (and cool) this year. From TV, video games, and even NFT, PMI knows phenomena. This year, the emphasis was on a toy line from the Toikido Piñata Smashlings Roblox game and a new adorable series called Pudgy Penguins. But if you’re familiar with ZAG Heroez, the Miraculous Ladybug collection was hard to overlook.

Kids can collect 16 characters from the series Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug and Cat Noir through PMI’s Toppers and Stampers. Toppers are 2-inch-tall figurines affixed to a base. Stampers take similar figurines and turn them into stamps, complete with an ink pad for each figure, allowing kids to take their love of Ladybug and Cat Noir into an even more creative space. And plush bag clips and backpacks let kids show off their Miraculous fandom while on the go.

Welcome to the Piñataverse! The hit Roblox game Piñata Smashlings from Toikido launched in July and had over a billion players in just six weeks! Sticker and trading cards recently launched at Chuck E. Cheeses through a partnership with the Panini Group, and PMI allows kids to bring their favorite Piñatas, Meañatas, Bashlings, and Smashlings home in a new collection available just in time for the holidays. And best of all, they come with codes that can be used in the Roblox game!

Smashlings can come home through mystery box figurines (over 70 to collect) and plushies (6 possible styles). The 4-inch figures come in their own piñata pod, and kids can guarantee certain figures through multi-packs, which still feature a surprise element.

Piñata Character Packs pair bubblegum Smashlings with a larger, articulated Piñata figure and accessory. The introductory series includes Dazzle Donkey, Luna Unicorn, and Mo Tiger. Boxed plush of the same characters (Dazzle Donkey, Luna Unicorn, Mo Tiger) can also be paired with plush buddies of Tiger and Unicorn.

There’s so much more Piñata Smashlings fun in store in Spring of 2024. My favorite upcoming item is a crane machine, compatible with the plush Smashlings.

The plush line will also expand with a large Rainbow Whale, big enough to be a pillow, but with a pouch that can store other plush characters, just like in the game! More mystery plush will also arrive in new packaging.

The figure wave will expand with playsets and bumper cars figures.

And, of course, new characters will join the figure line, including mystery and multi packs, plus Piñata Character Packs.

Winter is almost here, but Pudgy Penguins kept the summer cool when this PMI licensed toyline launched. Inspired by the hit NFT characters, these adorable penguins come in figurine and plush forms, each with a digital component in the form of an adoption certificate redeemable on, which can unlock digital play opportunities, including augmented reality features.

Large huggable plush, smaller plush buddies, clip-on plush, boxed figurines, and mystery figure igloos are the literal tip of the iceberg when it comes to Pudgy Penguins.

Series 2 will hit stores in Spring 2024, adding even more characters to the range of collectibles.

While it’s not ready for this holiday season, fans can look forward to collecting more Pudgy Penguins figures a year from now with an advent calendar.

Pudgy Penguins showcase how it’s never too hot to look cool. And fun fact, since these toys are based off NFTs, owners of the original artwork receive licensing royalties through PMI.

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