Don’t Forget These 5 Items You Should Pack for Disneyland

There is a lot to juggle when planning your Disneyland vacation, and it can be easy to leave packing until the last second. However, you want to make sure you come well-prepared, knowing how to dress and what to bring to the parks, so you can fully enjoy your trip!

While some items you should bring to Disneyland may seem like no-brainers, there are others that you might not think of until you need them. We will take you through 5 items we recommend packing for your Disneyland vacation!

1) Bring extra layers for the mornings and the evenings when it can get chilly. While you don’t want to bring a really heavy jacket or anything that will be inconvenient to carry around the parks, it’s a good idea to have something you can tie around your waist or put in your backpack during the day while it’s warm. This will keep you comfortable while you’re outside watching nighttime spectaculars or waiting for the early morning rope drop.

You can see our Disneyland crowd calendar, where you’ll find links to guides for each month with details on what to expect for the weather.

2) One of the most important things for your Disneyland packing list is a comfortable bag or backpack that you can wear throughout the day. We don’t recommend drawstring bags, as these can start to dig into your shoulders and hurt throughout the day. You’ll want to find a middle ground with a bag that can hold everything you need but also won’t be too large to conveniently stow on attractions. Good options are cross-body bags, medium-sized backpacks, or fanny packs. A bag with multiple compartments is convenient for keeping everything organized and accessing any items you might need quickly.

You’ll use this park bag to store everything you might need during your day, but make sure you don’t fill it to the point where it’s too heavy and inconvenient to carry around—remember that you’ll be doing a lot of walking during the day and will want to stay comfortable.

3) There are some items you might not think of during your park day until you need them, but it’s better to come prepared with these. We recommend bringing any small items or medicines you might need to keep you comfortable like Moleskin or band-aids in case you get blisters during the day from walking, pain reliever for if you get sore or get a headache, Tums or Pepto Bismol if you are prone to stomach aches, or aloe vera in case you get a sunburn. While you don’t want to go overboard with these smaller items, it’s worth coming prepared with anything you may need during the day.

4) Bring some snacks to tide you over between meals. Some visitors are surprised to hear that you are allowed to bring food to the parks (as long as you stay within the Disneyland guidelines—see our guide to bringing food into Disneyland here). Some of our favorite snack items to bring are trek mixes, dried fruits, and granola bars from Trader Joe’s. Especially if you’re getting up very early for rope drop, snacks like these will help keep you full between breakfast and your next meal. You can see our comprehensive list of Disney snack ideas for more suggestions on what we recommend bringing to the parks.

5) Lastly, we recommend bringing your own strollers to Disneyland if you are able or making a plan to rent one from a third party. Disney’s stroller prices will be higher, and you can’t use their strollers for the journey back to your hotel. At the end of the day when your kids are tired, it can be challenging to navigate the walk back without a stroller. You can bring your own as long as it fits within Disneyland’s restrictions (no larger than 31″ (79cm) wide and 52″ (132cm) long, and no wagons or wagon strollers are permitted). See our guide to Disneyland stroller rentals to learn more about the options you have!

These are just a few of the crucial items that you should consider bringing for your Disneyland vacation—make sure to read our ultimate Disneyland packing list for additional guidance on what to bring and wear during your trip.

At Mickey Visit, we share the most important tips for planning your trips to Disneyland, Walt Disney World, Disney Cruise Line, Universal, and beyond. Each week, we’ll share some of our top tips here on Laughing Place.

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