Don’t Forget These Top Five Packing List Items For Disney World

There are several things to consider when planning a trip to Disney World, but packing smart is crucial to enjoying a great trip. Due to Walt Disney World’s location in Orlando, Florida, the weather can get quite intense, with seasons of heat and humidity, rain, and sometimes a bit of both during certain months.

This doesn’t need to hold you back on your trip—as long as you pack what you need, you’ll be prepared for any type of weather during your trip. Make sure to see our Walt Disney World crowd calendar if you are planning a trip to know what to expect for crowds, weather, and seasonal offerings. Keep reading for five items you need to pack for your Walt Disney World vacation!

1) Make sure to bring a battery pack for charging your phone. Much of your day will revolve around using your phone, from checking wait times and making Lightning Lane reservations through the My Disney Experience app to playing games on your phone in line and taking those priceless park pictures. The last thing you want is for your phone to run out of battery when you most need it! While battery packs are available at Disney World if you find yourself in a pinch, we suggest planning ahead and bringing your own. The KMASHI battery pack comes highly recommended and holds 3-4 phone charges! Tip: you can turn your phone on Airplane Mode while on underground rides to prevent your phone from searching for a connection and draining its battery.

2) Comfortable walking shoes and clothes are a must. You’ll be walking several miles a day at Disney World, and while it’s tempting to dress up for the perfect picture, make sure your outfit won’t become uncomfortable during a long day at the parks. Bring two pairs of comfortable shoes you can switch between as well as breathable clothes and layers for if it gets colder in the mornings and evenings. Make sure you’re not wearing new shoes that could cause blisters, clothes that can rub or get itchy, or anything else that can detract from the magic of your day.

3) Bring a poncho, especially if you’re visiting during a time when rain is more common. No matter which time of year you’re visiting Disney World, you should always be prepared for rain. We do not recommend bringing an umbrella, as these can be tricky to store and carry around the park. Ponchos are lightweight and easy to throw on if it starts raining! See our guide to Disney World in the rain to learn how to make the most of your time at the parks.

4) A comfortable backpack is vital for storing everything you might need during your day at the Disney World theme parks. While you don’t want to load your backpack to the brim so that it’s too heavy to carry, you do want to make sure you have smaller items on hand that could come in handy throughout the day. We recommend bringing a bag that is small enough that it won’t be an inconvenience when you’re on rides. It will be useful for carrying items like chapstick, Kleenex, pain meds, snacks for Disney, and hand sanitizer. See Disney’s bag policy for a list of items you can and can’t bring to the parks.

5) Make sure you bring items to protect you from the sun like sunscreen, sunglasses, and a hat. Don’t underestimate the Florida sun! You don’t want to be left with a nasty, painful sunburn that can distract from your vacation. Make sure you come prepared, as sunscreen is more expensive if you wait to buy it in the parks. This is a good item to bring in your park bag so that you can reapply throughout the day. Additionally, if you know you get sunburns easily, you can bring aloe vera to soothe your skin. As you’ll be spending a lot of time walking outside, a hat and sunglasses will help protect your face from the sun. See our guide to Disney World in the summer for tips on how to beat the heat!

Though there are some additional items you should consider packing for your Disney World vacation, these are the most crucial ones that you won’t want to forget! Make sure to read our ultimate Walt Disney World packing list for guidance on what to bring and wear during your trip.

At Mickey Visit, we share the most important tips for planning your trips to Disneyland, Walt Disney World, Disney Cruise Line, Universal, and beyond. Each week, we’ll share some of our top tips here on Laughing Place.

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