New Disneyland Resort PhotoPass Costumes Created with Cast Member Comfort in Mind

Disney PhotoPass cast members at the Disneyland Resort recently started wearing a brand-new costume, and Disneyland has shared some more details about these comfortable new costumes.

What’s Happening:

  • Disney PhotoPass cast members are ready for their closeups with the debut of their new costumes created by Ashton Montgomery, a costume designer at the Disneyland Resort.
  • The Disneyland Resort Design and Development Team works closely with cast members to evaluate and improve the costume experience, and the new PhotoPass costumes are a recent example of the work that is done to enhance the work environment.
  • The costumes were designed with lots of layering options so cast members can feel comfortable all day long – and all year long! Layers can go off and on throughout the day and guests will still be able to spot these distinct costumes no matter which layering option they have chosen.
  • The new shirts are made from recycled material and Seawool Fiber. They have a lot of stretch and even built-in UV protection. The Seawool Fiber offers advantages such as odor control, moisture management and thermoregulation, all while being eco-friendly!

  • Each pair of the new bottoms has eight roomy pockets, extra-reinforced belt loops, room in the knee for knee pads and D-Rings to attach equipment.
  • To keep name tags safely and securely in place while using camera equipment on the job, name tag pouches were developed in coordinating fabrics that can be moved from garment to garment with ease.
  • All the new outerwear options have side zippers to allow easy access to cameras and all the equipment Disney PhotoPass cast members wear around their waist. Some of those zippers, and a few other areas on the outerwear, have reflective material so that cast members are safe and more visible to guests at night.
  • Cast were involved in the entire process of bringing these new costumes to life. Several round table discussions with small groups of Disney PhotoPass cast members were held to get individual input on what would be ideal additions to their new costumes.
  • During the design process, current Disney PhotoPass cast members were invited to try on the sample garments and provide live feedback on what was working and how the function and materials could be improved.

What They’re Saying:

  • Costume designer Ashton Montgomery: “With each new project, we take what we learned from previous projects and meet with the Cast so every costume we make is better and more comfortable than the last. Our team is always gathering feedback and working to source new fabrics that are more eco-friendly and that have more stretch, breathability and comfort.”
  • “A lot of effort was put into making these costumes unique to PhotoPass both in appearance and function. These PhotoPass cast members have been great to work with, and we hope they love all the custom features of their new costumes!”
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