“Donald’s Quacky Duck City” Takes Over Tokyo Disneyland This Spring

Tokyo Disney Resort has announced the second event in their Disney Pal-Palooza series with Donald’s Quacky Duck City, taking place April 9th through June 30th.

What’s Happening:

  • Tokyo Disney Resort has announced that “Donald’s Quacky Duck City,” the second special event in the “Disney Pal-Palooza” series, will take place at Tokyo Disneyland Park from April 9 through June 30. This event series is all about having a blast with your “pals” in the Park in a party-like, “palooza,” environment.
  • Following the first installment featuring Minnie Mouse, the second event “Donald's Quacky Duck City” stars Donald Duck. Guests can enter the extraordinary world of “Duck City,” Donald’s ideal world where he reigns as the ultimate superstar. With this event guests can enjoy the world of Donald’s imagination as the Park undergoes a transformation, tailored to fulfill Donald’s wildest dreams. During this special event, the new entertainment program “Quacky Celebration ★ Donald the Legend!” will make its debut. Various Disney friends will gather in “Duck City” to celebrate their beloved superstar Donald and his many talents, from being a movie star, chef and more.
  • Disney friends, dressed in Donald’s iconic blue, white, and yellow, representing their deep admiration for Donald, will come together to celebrate Donald and his many talents that include being a movie star, chef and more. As they join forces to honor Donald, he initially feels bewildered but gradually becomes overjoyed with happiness. His friends continue to praise him, creating a festive atmosphere of excitement and celebration. The parade will also feature “Pete,” who has been a beloved character from Walt Disney Animation Studios since its early days, marking his debut in an entertainment program at Tokyo Disney Resort.
  • Guests can enjoy the festive extravaganza filled with boundless excitement alongside the exuberant Donald. The Mickey Flower Bed at the entrance of the Park will be transformed into a Donald-themed version, while a monument honoring Donald’s superstar status will be placed at the heart of World Bazaar. Throughout the Park, “Duck City” decorations will adorn various areas, creating a captivating ambiance that will transport guests into Donald’s ideal world. To add to the enchantment, exclusive merchandise and special menu items will be available for purchase. Moreover, the Disney hotels will feature guest rooms and menus inspired by “Donald’s Quacky Duck City,” while the Disney Resort Line will offer limited-period tickets with exclusive designs. As guests explore Tokyo Disney Resort, they will be transported into a unique world envisioned by none other than Donald himself. This exciting event offers guests the perfect opportunity to enjoy the “palooza” with friends and family, and be immersed in the exhilarating atmosphere of this special event series.
  • A one-of-a-kind and whimsically chaotic world awaits guests who enter Donald’s “Duck City,” where they will be greeted by a Donald Flower Bed and a grand Donald marquee. At the center of World Bazaar, a monument dedicated to Donald, now a superstar, stands tall. And wherever guests look, they will encounter unique “Duck City”-inspired decorations that add a playful and distinctive touch to the surroundings

  • Starting from April 8, unique merchandise such as headbands and other items inspired by Donald’s imaginative world of “Duck City” will be available. One notable item guests may enjoy is the colorful “Quack-Quack Stick” adorned with adorable ducks, which produces a distinctive “quackquack” sound when shaken. Guests can use these during the entertainment program “Quacky Celebration ★ Donald the Legend!” and join in on the excitement with beloved Disney friends. Additionally, a guest voting campaign called “Make Your Favorite” will also take place. As part of this project, guests will have the opportunity to vote for their favorite concept sketches that were created for this campaign, and the most popular design will be available as merchandise.

  • Guests can indulge in special menu items from April 1 that bring to life the wacky world of “Donald's Quacky Duck City.” At the specially decorated Plaza Pavilion Restaurant, guests can enjoy a set meal featuring pasta and dessert, inspired by Chef Donald himself, adorned with his signature colors and motifs. The set includes a combination of fettuccine carbonara with beef sauce, topped with a unique blue-colored cheese that captures Donald's essence. To add a playful touch, the dish is garnished with egg, resembling Donald’s feet and tail.
  • For a delightful finale, guests can savor a cheesecake mousse dessert adorned with Donald-shaped chocolates and filled with a refreshing pineapple jam. To complement the experience, a sparkling jelly drink, with an exclusive souvenir coaster, will also be available. Meanwhile, at Ice Cream Cones, guests can delight in a visually captivating Special Sundae. This whimsical treat features blue jelly, diced mango, and a dollop of whipped cream cheese, all served atop the sundae. Adding a charming touch, red raspberry granules resembling Donald’s bowtie are playfully sprinkled, and the sundae is presented to resemble Donald's tail.

  • From April 9 through June 30, 2024, Disney Ambassador Hotel will offer themed guest rooms inspired by “Donald's Quacky Duck City.” These rooms are adorned with Donald’s signature blue and yellow colors, creating a unique world filled with cartoon elements where guests can be immersed in the vibrant “Duck City” of Donald’s dreams. Furthermore, both Disney Ambassador Hotel and Tokyo Disneyland Hotel will feature special menus in their restaurants, showcasing the exuberant and delightful Donald. Guests can experience a different than usual wacky world at the Disney hotels while creating cherished memories and having an enjoyable time with loved ones.

  • From April 8, 2024, day passes for the Disney Resort Line monorail trains will be available in designs themed to “Disney Pal-Palooza ‘Donald's Quacky Duck City’” at the ticket machines in each station. Guests can also collect souvenir medallions that will be available in an exclusive design.

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