Top 5 Tips for Attractions at Disneyland

There are so many amazing attractions to experience at Disneyland, from thrill rides to dark family-friendly rides and water rides. While it is always a treat to enjoy these attractions, there are a few things to consider that can elevate your experience to the next level.

We will share our top 5 tips for riding attractions at Disneyland to help you experience more at the parks!

While this isn’t Six Flags and Disneyland doesn’t have the most intense roller coasters in the world, there are plenty of great rides and attractions

1) Know when to buy Individual Lightning Lane entry for rides. While you can use Genie+ Lightning Lanes to bypass the long standby lines for popular attractions, there are also Individual Lightning Lanes offered for some of the most highly demanded attractions (currently Radiator Springs Racers and Rise of the Resistance). Individual Lightning Lane entry is available at a separate price that varies per ride and season.

The cost of Individual Lightning Lanes can add up, especially if you have a larger party, so knowing when to utilize this option is key. For Radiator Springs Racers, we recommend opting for Single Rider for a much shorter wait time than the standby line to skip the expense of Individual Lightning Lane entry. For Rise of the Resistance, whether or not you should purchase this option depends on your group’s preferences and trip length—for example, if you are enjoying a 1-day trip to Disneyland, you might want to consider it to make time for other attractions. You can see more pros and cons listed for each Individual Lightning Lane option in our guide to Individual Lightning Lanes at Disneyland.

2) You can request specific rows for rides, which can impact your overall ride experience. You might need to wait slightly longer for your request, and make sure you’re respectful of the Cast Members at the attraction if they are not able to accommodate it.

Many love to ride in the first or last row of the Disneyland roller coasters like the Incredicoaster, Space Mountain, and Thunder Mountain. For Soarin’, you can get a completely centered and unobstructed view by asking for Row 1 Concourse B (the center top row)! You can try out these specific rows the next time you ride these attractions.

3) Be conscious of your phone battery while on underground rides. Your phone battery can drain faster than you would expect during a day at the parks, and it will be drained more quickly than usual on underground rides searching for a cellular signal. We recommend putting your phone in Airplane Mode while waiting in the queue and riding underground rides to help prevent your battery from draining at a faster rate. Also, be sure to bring a portable charger so that you can charge your phone during the day! If you forget to bring a charger and need to buy one at Disneyland, see our guide to FuelRod chargers for everything you need to know.

4) Attractions don’t shut down right when the park closes. When the park closes for the day, attractions will not allow additional guests in line, but you can still join the queue before the cutoff time. There won’t be as long of a Genie+ line during this time of night, which means the standby line will often move faster. If you’re planning on staying at the park until closing, this is a good time to go on some of the more popular attractions, as lines will typically be shorter. We recommend choosing an attraction to end your night with by getting in line right before the cutoff!

5) Our last tip is to be sure that everyone in your party goes on the top attraction they want to ride. Before your trip, ask each person in your group what they are most looking forward to, and make sure that they get to ride it. Everyone has different preferences, so the members of your group may have different priorities during their park day.

Knowing each person’s top attraction will help you effectively plan your day and ensure that everyone in your party is happy and has something to look forward to during your day! If they want to skip a certain attraction, you can help to make a plan for what they’ll be doing during that time like enjoying the treats at the park, watching the Disneyland parade, or seeing characters. Also, be sure to consider the height requirements for the attractions at Disneyland before arriving to prevent disappointment.

For more tips for visiting Disneyland, be sure to see our top 50 Disneyland tips by category. You can also see our guide to Disneyland attractions for a breakdown of each one offered at the parks and what to expect!

At Mickey Visit, we share the most important tips for planning your trips to Disneyland, Walt Disney World, Disney Cruise Line, Universal, and beyond. Each week, we’ll share some of our top tips here on Laughing Place.

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