5 Free Comic Book Day Titles Revealed, Including First Ever “Star Wars” Title for May the 4

On May 4, celebrate Free Comic Book Day at your local comic shop by taking thrilling first steps into Marvel’s most monumental upcoming stories.

  • It’s one of the biggest days for the comic book industry and this year, Marvel has whipped up something for every fan with five Free Comic Book Day titles.
  • With exciting lead-ins to Marvel’s next crossover event “Blood Hunt,” the X-Men’s post-Krakoa era, what’s on the horizon for the new Ultimate Universe, and more, it’s a must-have for fans who want entry points into the most anticipated comic book sagas of 2024.
  • Plus, for the first time ever and fitting for May the 4, Marvel is proud to offer a Star Wars Free Comic Book Day title which explores the exciting storytelling coming to the galaxy far, far away.  
  • In addition, Marvel will once again spotlight creators and characters from different cultures, communities, and identities and provide the perfect first comic for new readers with the return of “Free Comic Book Day: Marvel’s Voices” and “Free Comic Book Day: Spidey & his Amazing Friends.”
  • Check out all five titles below:

Free Comic Book Day 2024: Spider-Man & The Ultimate Universe #1

  • Written by Zeb Wells & Deniz Camp
  • Art by Ryan Stegman & Juan Frigeri
  • Cover by Ryan Stegman
  • Just weeks ahead of “Amazing Spider-Man #50,” get the first taste of the return of the Goblin! Plus, prepare for the next evolutionary step of the Ultimate Universe as a powerful new hero debuts! But it doesn’t end there! Oh no, there are some surprises up our sleeve on this one!

Free Comic Book Day 2024: Blood Hunt/X-Men #1

  • Written by Jed MacKay & Gail Simone
  • Art by Sara Pichelli & David Marquez
  • Cover by Kael Ngu
  • Time once again for a shot of all-new Marvel goodness, absolutely free! First, witness the overture to this summer’s major crossover event starring the Avengers – “Blood Hunt.” And then get a glimpse of the future of mutantkind as Jubilee learns that you cannot go home again!

Free Comic Book Day 2024: Marvel’s Voices #1

  • Written by Nikesh Shukla & more
  • Art by Tadam Gyadu & more
  • Cover by Anand Ramcheron
  • Discover the legacy of the last Black Panther! Join Web-Weaver in hot pursuit of a thief in NYC! Jam out with Spider-Gwen! And see the world of the X-Men through a whole new lens. All this and more awaits in a special edition of “Marvel’s Voices.” Plus, return to Earth-50101 – the home of Pavitr Prabhakar, Spider-Man of Mumbai – for a new pulse-pounding adventure by celebrated writer Nikesh Shukla and artist Tadam Gyadu!

Free Comic Book Day 2024: Star Wars/Darth Vader #1

  • Written by Charles Soule & Greg Pak
  • Penciled by Ibriam Robertson & Ramon Rosanas
  • Cover by Phil Noto
  • Are there Rebel survivors stranded on Hoth? Luke Skywalker, Leia Organa, Lando Calrissian, and Chewbacca mount a dangerous rescue mission to Echo Base! Lightsabers! Blasters! Snowtroopers! All-out action amongst the wreckage of AT-AT walkers, Rebel airspeeders and frozen weapons of mass destruction!
  • Darth Vader employes a surprise character from the past to help him find Luke Skywalker. But Sabé, former handmaiden of Padmé Amidala is also on a quest for the son of Vader. Having worked for him as an Imperial Commander, Sabé has enough resources to cause chaos for anyone who stands in her path. How will this affect the Dark Lord’s plans to remove Palpatine from power?

Free Comic Book Day 2024: Spidey & His Amazing Friends #1

  • Spidey, Ghost-Spider, and Miles will face off against Green Goblin, Doc Ock and more in this spectacular special. Filled with easy-to-read comic stories based on the hit Disney Junior show, this book is perfect for the youngest readers aged 5-7. Young fans will even be able to test their wall-crawling skills with thrilling interactive activity pages!  Kids will love this not-to-be-missed comic: the perfect primer for the newest generation of Spider-Fans!
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