“Gargoyles” Comics Collectors Set Available For Preorder Through Kickstarter Campaign

Fans of the original series and the associated comics, Gargoyles, can now preorder the long out of print graphic novels as part of different collector’s editions:

What’s Happening:

  • Disney's beloved and revered series about Gargoyles that awaken in modern times is being remastered and repackaged into three beautiful graphic novel collections for fans and collectors. Featuring the work of Greg Weisman and a host of amazing artists and writers, these stories are long out of print and will be collected into wonderful editions perfect for display on your bookshelf from softcover to hardcover to incredible oversized premium limited editions – the perfect choice is there for all collectors to enjoy.
  • The editions are available for preorder at their official Kickstarter page, here.
  • In 1991 Greg Weisman and a team of animators at Walt Disney Television began developing a new show called GARGOYLES.  It was inspired by Disney’s Adventures of the Gummi Bears and started as a comedy-based adventure series about multi-colored gargoyles that awoke in the late 20th Century to battle a comic book villain.  Everyone was very enthusiastic about the series but it didn’t make the cut of new programming being approved.  That didn’t stop the creators who went back to the drawing board and added wonderful layers to the concept including new characters to the story.  After much back and forth the series was approved and two seasons of this incredible unique series was created.
  • Now over 30 years later we have the incredible honor of not only creating new comics with Greg, but we are thrilled to present this beautiful collectors’ edition Classic Gargoyle Omnibus collecting the 11-issue comic book run originally published by Marvel Comics in 1995.
    • VOLUME 1 – Collecting the Marvel Comics #1-11 run of Gargoyles comics from 1995.
    • VOLUME 2 – Collecting the Amaze Ink/SLG #1-12 run of Gargoyles comics from 2006 (including 4 issues only collected in the original trade paperback).
    • VOLUME 3 – Collecting the Amaze Ink/SLG #1-6 run of Gargoyles Bad Guys comics from 2007 (including 2 issues only collected in the original trade paperback).
  • The 30th Anniversary Premier Editions are for the collector of impossible-to-find Disney magic. Each is limited to a scant 1000 copies and features the pinnacle of printing quality using only the highest level of material and premium papers.  Measuring 7 1/2"W x 11 1/8"L these editions are masterpieces that will define your Gargoyles collection.
  •  Limited to just 1000 copies to celebrate the 30th anniversary of Gargoyles.  This special hardcover collection is bound in leather with gilded gold paper and foil stamping denoting the limited edition and anniversary.  Inside the Hardcover is a sewn-in ribbon bookmark and a special signed tip-in plate featuring the autograph of content creators.  Page count and interior content are the same as the standard Hardcover.

  • Fans who purchase this extremely limited-edition set will receive all three volumes with matching minted numbers making them truly rare and unmistakably unique. They will ship in a beautiful slipcase treasure chest making this edition the corner piece of your Gargoyles collection!
  • The original contributors to these comics feature an all-star list of artists who helped to bring the original series to life including Jimmy Palmiotti, Amanda Conner, Alberto Saichann, Grant Miehm, and Joe Maduriera with writing by Martin Pasko and Mort Todd.  Amanda Conner’s stunning art is featured in much of the interior and captures the beauty of this colorful series perfectly.  There was something magical about those early comics and they’ve been out of print for over three decades.  We are proud to be able to bring this masterpiece back to the readers with these beautiful editions.
  • The Gargoyles collections bring long out-of-print classic stories published by Marvel and SLG/Amaze Ink to fans everywhere in beautiful, restored collectible trade and hardcover books. These stories are decades old and are an amazing time capsule of classic Gargoyles storytelling over the years.  We’re thrilled to present these to a modern audience for the first time.

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