Season 2 of ABC News Studios’ “Impact x Nightline” Premieres Thursday, September 21st on Hulu

ABC News Studios’ groundbreaking streaming news program Impact x Nightline is back for a second season, taking an in-depth look at the topics dominating American culture and conversations around the globe.

What’s Happening:

  • Featuring hard-hitting investigative reporting from ABC News anchors Diane Sawyer, Juju Chang and Janai Norman, plus correspondents Rachel Scott, Matt Rivers, Selina Wang, Megan Ryte and more, the new season takes viewers into the field each week to examine today’s headlines, giving audiences new insight and a unique, up-close look at the people at the heart of each story.
  • In the first episode of the new season, ABC News multiplatform reporter Ashan Singh documents the life of legendary rapper Tupac Shakur on the 27th anniversary of his death and the unsolved drive-by shooting that killed him. Through examination of newly released body camera footage from a police raid in his murder investigation, the program looks at where his case stands today and why so many conspiracy theories exist about his death.
  • The program features interviews with Leila Steinberg, Shakur’s first manager; Danyel Smith, former music journalist and friend of Shakur; Chris Carroll, a police officer who responded to the scene the night of Shakur’s shooting; and reporters who followed Shakur’s career closely, including Cathy Scott and Kevin Powell, who touch on Shakur’s enduring legacy on hip-hop and American culture.
  • Are police any closer to solving one of pop culture’s most mysterious unsolved murders? Watch Impact x Nightline’s investigative report to find out.
  • Upcoming highlights of the new season include:
    • ABC News’ anchor Diane Sawyer and congressional correspondent Rachel Scott uncovering the harrowing stories of pregnant women who have medical emergencies in states with abortion bans and the providers caught in a dangerous web as they try to help them.
    • Correspondent Matt Rivers embedding with the Mexican police unit that tracks down American “gringo” fugitives.
    • Nightline anchor Juju Chang diving deep into a deadly New York City fentanyl ring and examining the new, controversial tactics prosecutors are taking to curb the devastating epidemic.
    • Good Morning America weekend anchor Janai Norman explores the exploding $3 trillion industry of counterfeit goods, diving into “super fakes,” luxury counterfeit handbags.
  • This second season follows the program’s award-winning premiere season, where it won seven journalism awards, including a Walter Cronkite Award, Deadline Club Award and two National Headliner Awards.
  • Impact x Nightline releases weekly every Thursday starting September 21st, only on Hulu.

What They’re Saying:

  • Kim Godwin, president of ABC News: “Impact x Nightline is an excellent example of ABC News’ commitment to delivering the most thorough and relevant reporting to our audience, allowing viewers a front-row seat to the stories that shape the ever-evolving news cycle.”
  • Eman Varoqua, executive producer of “Impact x Nightline” and ABC News’ “Nightline” – “Our team is constantly searching for the story angle that the viewer has never heard. The viewer might know the story’s headline, but every episode will leave them with a new perspective and understanding. Impact x Nightline will push the boundaries when it comes to uncovering new details, new information and unique aspects to every story.”
  • Reena Mehta, SVP of Streaming and Digital Content at ABC News: “We are thrilled to announce season two of the ABC News Studios and Hulu original series Impact x Nightline as a follow-up to our award-winning first season. This series has proven itself as an innovative streaming news franchise, and the new season will continue to deliver viewers a weekly, immersive experience into topics dominating the cultural zeitgeist.”
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