Insomniac Games Issues Statement Regarding Cyberattack and Progress on “Marvel’s Wolverine”

Insomniac Games, the video game developer behind Marvel’s Spider-Man, has issued a statement regarding a recent cyberattack on their studio and how it has impacted the progress of Marvel’s Wolverine.

  • Most importantly, Insomniac addressed the face that this attack affected the personal information of their employees, former employees and independent contractors and they are working to determine exactly what data was impacted.
  • Insomniac also explained that the data also included “early development details” about Marvel’s Wolverine, the developer’s next Marvel game.
  • The statement refers to the whole experience as “extremely distressing” but also assures fans that “Marvel’s Wolverine continues as planned” and that they will share official information about the game “when the time is right.”
  • You can read Insomniac’s full statement below:

About Marvel’s Wolverine:

  • Marvel’s Wolverine was announced by Insomniac at the 2021 Playstation Showcase.
  • A teaser trailer was released for the game at that time, showing Logan drinking alone at a bar before extending his claws as a man tries to sneak up behind him.
  • With the girl still in early development, it will likely be several years before it becomes available on the PlayStation 5.
  • Playstation Blog says that talks about Wolverine came up continually as a character the team wanted to bring to the gaming space, leading to the announcement that was made during the Showcase.
  • Insomniac Games also recently released Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, which was nominated for seven different awards at The Game Awards.
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