Soundtrack to National Geographic’s “Incredible Animal Journeys” Available Now

Today, Hollywood Records releases the Incredible Animal Journeys original series soundtrack with score composed by Jake Monaco. The digital score soundtrack is available now on all streaming platforms.

  • You can stream the soundtrack to Incredible Animal Journeys on Apple Music and Spotify.
  • Releasing on National Geographic on November 19, 2023 and subsequently on Hulu and Disney+ on November 20, 2023, the series follows animals in every landscape as they are embarking on epic migrations in search of food shelter and love.
  • The series is narrated by Oscar-nominated actor Jeremy Renner, and is scored by BMI Award-winner Jake Monaco.
  • The Incredible Animal Journeys Original Series Soundtrack track list follows:
    • Incredible Animal Journeys
    • Zebras I: Born to Run
    • Zebras II: Fending Family
    • Zebras III: Mara River
    • Dung Beetles: Dung for Days
    • Flamingos: Finding the Perfect Lake
    • Elephants I: Ele in the Hole
    • Elephants II: Relief of the Rain
    • Polar Bears I: Leaving the Den
    • Polar Bears II: Share Bears
    • Arctic Foxes: Reunion
    • Caribou I: Stay Vigilant
    • Caribou II: River Crossing
    • Humpback Whales I: Whalecome Little One
    • Humpback Whales II: The Great Feast
    • Christmas Island Crabs: Red Carpet
    • Green Turtles I: Race to the Water
    • Green Turtles II: The Final Push
    • Albatross I: The Wanderer
    • Albatross II: Soulmate
    • Albatross III: Until Next Year
    • Gentoo Penguins: It’s a Trap
    • Orcas: Skincare
    • Rockhoppers I: Ravenous
    • Rockhoppers II: Leap of Faith
    • Brown Bears I: Find Your Bearings
    • Brown Bears II: Lost & Found
    • Salmon: River Run
    • Eagles I: Time To Fly
    • Eagles II: Eagle Eye
    • Swallows I: The African Swallow
    • Swallows II: Back on the Farm
    • Hummingbirds: Flap Dance
    • Monarch Butterflys I: Flutterbys
    • Monarch Butterflys II: The Super Generation
  • Check out the trailer for Incredible Animal Journeys below:

What they’re saying:

  • Jake Monaco: “For years my family has loved watching nature documentaries together so when the opportunity to write the score for Incredible Animal Journeys presented itself, I jumped. For over a year I got to develop a sonically unique palette for each of seven episodes, while working closely in tandem with over a dozen directors, editors, producers and showrunners, all of whom poured their love of nature into this series. It has truly been an incredible journey.”
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