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It’s 1982, a young Rebecca is making cookies at home, when her brother Gabe arrives with Cam and he has a bloody nose. Wondering what happened to her brother, Cam tells Rebecca that she will take care of the problem. In the distance Rebecca hears Cam trying to cheer up Gabe, telling him that they are going to have fun at the dance, and that Gabe needs to cheer up.

Rebecca offers Cam a dress for her to wear at the dance, and when Gabe interrupts asking for help with the tie, Rebecca slams the door on him, and complains to Cam about how he never lets them hang out. When Gabe reappears, Rebecca screams at her brother to go away, because she wants to spend time with Cam alone, and her jealousy of her brother and Cam’s friendship gets the best of her. (I’m starting to understand why the present-day Rebecca has such regret about her brother. This would be a hard memory to have to live with.)

While Rebecca has an interest in Cam, she tells Rebecca that she shouldn’t have been as hard on Gabe as she was. Looking throughout the house, Rebecca loses sight of Gabe and Cam, and when she pulls her cookies out of the oven, Cam comes into the kitchen to say she can’t find Gabe either. A helicopter is hovering over the river, and the door rings. Two young boys come to the house to tell Rebecca that Gabe fell into the river.

Cam and Scott (Lily Gladstone and Daniel Diemer) are on the hunt for Warren (Javon Walton). The two cops learn quickly that no one knows where he is. As they leave the First Nation residential housing unit, Scott questions whether Cam should have mentioned if discussing the race issue was a smart idea at the press conference.

Rebecca (Riley Keough) wakes up at the warehouse with Warren across the room, and the two have finally come off their drug high. Rebecca needs to get home for her father’s birthday and when she asks Warren if he needs her to call someone, Warren tells her that no one will worry about him. Rebecca brings Warren back to her parent’s house.

Warren laments about his lack of attire for the dance that he promised to take Samara (Isabella Leon) to, and Rebecca asks if he told anyone else about Kelly. It’s here that Rebecca learns from Warren that he physically attacked Reena as well. He was more than just an observer of the attack.

Rebecca offers Warren the suit from her brother’s closet. While Warren models the suit, Rebecca explains to him that Cam is an old friend of hers, and if she took him to her and Warren told the truth about what happened, Cam would be able to help.

One month earlier, Dusty (Aiyana Goodfellow) and Reena (Vritika Gupta) are making a rap video insulting and degrading Kelly and Josephine (Izzy G. and Chloe Guidry). As Reena seems to be finding a real friend in Dusty, one of the social workers at Seven Oaks enters and asks Reena to come with her. In the office, Reena is confronted with her confession about how she lied about the accusations against her father. The social worker wants to know why she would lie and then tells Reena that she can’t stay at Seven Oaks.

Cam meets Rebecca for a drink, and the cop tells her that Dusty informed her about what happened at the shipyard. Rebecca tells Cam that she has information about Kelly Ellard, and that she was the one who attacked Reena the second time, and Warren is a witness. Cam tells Rebecca that the girls accused Warren of killing Reena, and that there is a warrant out for his arrest.

Rebecca is upset because she knows that Warren will be the scapegoat, and Kelly will get away with murder. At the grocery store, Kelly, Josephine, and Dusty are shopping for supplies to flee from the police. Kelly and Josephine encounter Suman (Archie Panjabi), and Kelly offers her condolences.

At home Suman tells Raj (Anoop Desai) and Manjit (Ezra Khan) about her encounter. While the uncle wants action, Manjit is exercising caution. Suman thinks if Kelly confesses then the pain will ease, but Manjit knows that this trauma will never end.

Kelly, Josephine, and Dusty are getting ready for the dance at Kelly’s house, when Kelly tells Josephine they have a drink for the ride to Mexico. (We know the drink is laced with rat poison.)

Raj and Suman are looking to confront Kelly and the girls, when Raj realizes where he is. This is the exact spot that he dropped his niece off at on the day she died.

Reena is picked up by her uncle at Seven Oaks, and while the uncle is sympathetic, he wants to know why she said what she said about her father. Raj levels with his niece, telling her that life is difficult, school and living at home will eventually end. One day Reena is going to be out in the world on her own, and life will be so good that she won’t remember the bad times. This breaks Reena. She talks about how she wants Josephine to feel as bad as she does. Reena tells Dusty her plan about stealing Josephine’s address book and telling everyone how terrible she is.

Raj knows Reena wanted payback and he feels like an accomplice to what happened to her. Raj doesn’t want to do it again. Feeling like no one helps them, Raj wants to know why God is not helping them if he is real. The two decide to go home.

Warren calls Samara and tells her that he can’t go to the dance. He knows there is a warrant out for his arrest, and Samara is angry at him and accuses him of being with Kelly.

Roy (Matt Craven) meets Cam at the dance. He wants to arrest Warren, and Cam is wondering if this is a good idea.

Warren wants to go to the dance and while he tries to convince Rebecca that he needs to leave, Rebecca’s parents (Glynis Davie and Paul Davies), return home. Mr. and Mrs. Godfrey are anxious about their new houseguest, and Rebecca explains that she is trying to help him because Warren has no one. They remind Rebecca that this is their house, and her father wants to know if Warren is a suspect in the murder. Mrs. Godfrey wants to know why he is wearing Gabe’s suit. Overhearing the family argument, Warren decides to leave.

Cam and Roy question the kids at the dance, and while Roy searches for Warren, Cam is looking for Kelly. Roy meets with Samara and pulls her aside. Roy accuses Samara of lying and asks her what she knows about the night Reena died. Samara admits that Warren saw something the night of Reena’s death. Samara tells the chief that Warren told her about Kelly chasing after Reena and committing a murder.

In the getaway car, Kelly drives Dusty and Josephine to the ferry, and Josephine asks if she is thirsty. As she is about to drink from the poisoned bottle, Dusty asks Kelly if she really stood there watching Reena die. Drinking from the bottle, Dusty gets sick immediately and vomits out of the car. (Good for Dusty.)

Roy asks Samara how Reena ended up in the water. She describes how Kelly made Reena take her boots off before getting in the water because Josephine likes them. Samara tells Cam and Roy that Warren told her how both Kelly and Warren dragged Reena into the water.

Scott arrives at the Ellard household and finds Reena’s boots in Kelly’s closet. At the dance, Cam is calling for backup when Rebecca calls to tell her that Warren is gone and may be headed to the dance. It’s at this point that Cam learns Rebecca was hiding Warren.

The three fugitives of Kelly, Josephine, and Dusty arrive at the train tracks. Using Dusty’s guilt Kelly encouraged Dusty to laydown on the tracks and kill herself. (Holy moly these girls are twisted. Kelly is psychotic.) In Dusty’s inebriated state the guilt of what happens is weighing on her and she crosses the track waiting for her death. Josephine cracks and pulls Dusty away moments before an oncoming train would have hit her.

Warren makes his appearance at the dance, and Samara goes to him and warns him about the cops. Telling her not to worry, Warren came to say goodbye and Cam arrests him and leads him out of the dance. Rebecca arrives and Cam is angry.

In the fugitive car, Kelly lays into Josephine for not being able to go through with Dusty’s death, when Roy pulls them over and demands they get out of the car. Cam tells Rebecca that Samara told them that Warren dragged Reena into the water. Rebecca claims that Warren made a mistake to which Cam reminds Rebecca that Warren’s mistake resulted in the death of Reena. Cam informs her that she wants justice for Reena Virk and accuses Rebecca of not wanting justice but material for her book.

Roy pulls Josephine and Kelly out of the car and arrests them for their involvement in the death of Reena. Scott finds Dusty and arrests her too.


Rebecca’s intentions are noble, but I agree with Cam. I loved the righteous indignation that Cam showed at the end of the episode and how Lily Gladstone delivered that moment in the show should be submitted for Emmy consideration.

To Rebecca, she sees a kid like Warren who has no one, who is alone, and made a terrible mistake. Finally, Cam reminds not only her friend, but Gladstone’s performance encourages the audience to not forget the victim in this crime. Reena Virk deserves justice and so does her family. Warren is guilty, and Rebecca needs to remember that no matter the mistake that Warren made, a fourteen-year-old girl died because of that mistake.

With only a couple of episodes left, Under the Bridge is a cautionary tale of social justice, social inequality, and a reminder that kids both boys and girls can commit some heinous acts.

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