Interactive Map of EPCOT Throughout History

Have you ever wondered what EPCOT attractions were available on Opening Day? What about the age old question of “when did my favorite attraction open?” Well, with this interactive map, you can answer all of those questions and many more!

To explore the map (and the past), just use the slider in the upper right to select the year you want to observe. You’ll be able to choose any year from the opening year to the present. When you click on one of the dots, you’ll get information on what attraction resided in that location during the year you selected, what attraction is currently there, and the years the attraction was open. Additionally, you may see links to “Learn More” or “Watch.” which will take you to related articles and videos of the selected attractions, respectively. Lastly, for some dots, you may see multiple circles in them. This means that multiple attractions took place at that location that year, and you can select any of them.

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