Description of the Tangled teaser found on the James and the Giant Peach Blu-ray which was released today:

Black screen

A female softly states, “You have to promise not to tell anyone”

Rapunzel’s tower appears. The camera slowly moves in on the tall lonely structure in a valley with a waterfall flowing in the background.

A male voice questions, “You’ve never left the Tower?”

Fade to black. Gold lettering glowingly appears “A Place Hidden from the World”

Shocked and uncomfortable a female voice says, “Go outside?”

The camera is tightly framed on the room high atop the tower. And rotates toward the room’s door.

A male voice demands, “Put down your hair!!”

With soft conviction a female voice says, “Once its been cut it loses its power, a gift like that has to be protected”

Fade to black. Gold lettering glowingly appears “A Force Unlike Any Other”

Rapunzel’s tower reappears. The camera moves in quickly on the door. Golden light emanates from behind the closed door through it’s cracks and keyhole.

With a sense of longing and wonder a female voice is heard, “I’ve been looking out the window for 18 years, dreaming.”

The camera continues into the bright light.

Once again a black screen with golden letters reveals

In Theaters This Fall…

The Secret Will Be Revealed.

(written by staffers)