Disneyland Weather Report for April 13 from @WDW_Weather

Hey if you have some expendable money, get on orbitz.com right now (or your own private jet) and make sure you get to Disneyland Friday – wow – warm temperatures – sunny skies – just a gorgeous day/night – and it’s been less than perfect out there the last couple of days!  In the next 48 hours we will see high temperatures go from the mid 60s (today) all the way into the mid 80s (Friday)!

Onshore flow is going to keep things cool today and the marine layer will be really deep meaning yes – you guessed it – clouds.  Clouds will break up and dissipate as we head into the afternoon and tomorrow looks to be pretty good.  We will bump up to the mid 70s by the time we get to the afternoon tomorrow with basically sunny skies.

The sun should stay with us through the weekend but the temperatures will cool back down into the 70s by the time Sunday rolls around.  Either way if you HAPPEN to have some disposable income and wouldn’t mind flying me out to the west coast – I’ll gladly take you up on that offer – I thought you’d never ask!