Disneyland Weather Report for April 25 from @WDW_Weather

Holy cow – it looks like the two US Disney properties are trying to match each other this week because as I quoted my favorite musical Miss Saigon in the WDW forecast the same can be said for Disneyland as well this week.  

If you like warm West Coast weather and you are planning on being in Disneyland mid week you are in luck. It’s cloudy as I type this out there but those clouds should clear out a bit by the time we get to the afternoon and eventually we should top out around 75.  By the time we get to Wednesday though we are going to add about ten degrees to do that with plenty of sunshine Wednesday and Thursday!

Cooling returns to the area in time for the weekend, but it looks like other than some patchy morning fog closer to the coast we should be pretty free and clear of clouds and drizzle once we get through today.