Disneyland Weather Report for May 5 from @WDW_Weather

Funny the difference a day makes isn’t it? 

First things first, happy 5th of May and if you don’t know what that means then you are too young to know what that means anyway.  That said, if you are celebrating today anywhere in throughout Disneyland have a cocktail on me (just don’t hack into my Paypal account to pay for it)!

Anyway where was I – oh yes funny the difference a day makes!  After incredible heat over the last few days – changes are a comin and not necisarily for the better.  Enjoy the sunshine and lower (more reasonable) temperatures today while you can because the return of the familar onshore flow returns bringing with it much cooler temperatures and potentially dense fog tomorrow morning for the commute.

It will still be warm today never fear as temperatures once again get into the 80s but temps will be on the way down through the weekend and we may not make it out of the 60s by Sunday.  Long range models show a gradual warming trend as we head into mid week next week however.

And where are my Little Mermaid pics?  Follow me @WDW_weather and @REPLY me!  I can’t wait to see the finished product!