Disneyland Weather Report for June 6 from @WDW_Weather

Hey what’s your favorite roller coaster?  I’ll keep it West coast in Disneyland and say California Screamin … (even though as far as Disney is concerned it’s most likely Rockin over in Orlando).  I ask you this question because that’s how I feel your weather is every time I look at models (and not those kinds of models either).

Once we get through today which is going to start out – not so hot with some scattered rain.  We will see some gradual clearing maybe by afternoon, but I’d place money on tomorrow afternoon just to be safe.  After we clear those clouds out – here comes some more clouds then we will clear out again towards afternoon on Wednesday.  Rinse … repeat.  That’s how the week will go.

High temperatures will stay in the low 70s while low temperatures will get down into the mid 50s pretty much through the entire week.