Disneyland Weather Report for February 29th from @WDW_Weather

The rest of the week looks like any good roller coaster so strap on in.

Looks like a decent day is in store for you today though it will be a bit chilly with temperatures in the low 60s for a high and getting down to the upper 40s tonight.  Clouds look like they may want to move in after that and a shower or two is NOT out of the question for Thursday.  Now there’s the bad news … aren’t you glad I got that out of the way?  Right now it looks like Friday, your gateway to the weekend will be lovely with sunny skies and temperatures more than 10 degrees warmer than they were earlier in the week.  

So Friday expect highs around 68 and then we slam on into the mid 70s for Saturday which will be really nice for the weekend – enjoy!

Fantasy christening bonus forecast – for anyone who may be curious about what’s going on in new york – at least it’s not snow right?  Let’s hope the forecast stays true because Wednesday doesn’t look like a great day but things SHOULD improve overnight into Thursday when the actual christening is supposed to take place.  Expect a rather mild day with highs somewhere close to 50 with a few showers lingering over from Wednesday night.