Disneyland Weather Report for March 1st from @WDW_Weather

Well after the showers from last evening clear out each day is looking better and better! Translation – best forecast ever!

Sunshine today and temperatures about where they should be as highs top out in the mid 60s – but they are on the way up – way up! 

By the time we get to Saturday we will be flirting with 80 and again plenty of sunshine will be the rule.

Lows can be expected to be in the mid 40s.

Now for those of you reading this in New York for the christening – you likely wish the christening was in Cape Canaveral and had Disney contacted a meteorologist for this time of year they would have likely told them to hold the christening IN Cape Canaveral.  Alas, Disney does not care what we think so here you sit in New York – where the high temperature will top out in the balmy mid 40s and it will likely rain (or at least be a little dreary).  Sarcasm aside the afternoon looks better but it will be a bit chilly – because – it is winter – in New York.  Send pictures!