Disneyland Weather Report for March 13th from @WDW_Weather

This one is extra special for all of our friends heading to the Shareholders meeting in Kansas City, MO because I will share with you why you should always have your meeting in Orlando or Southern California (depending on the time of year of course)!  (by the way you caught me – it’s actually going to be fine but your full Shareholder forecast is coming at the bottom of this page.)

I need you to enjoy every day as we head towards the weekend because the weekend is not look good whatsoever and I am hoping that changes because I am coming back to the west coast this weekend.  Looks like highs will be in the upper 60s and depending on cloud cover may only get into the mid 60s.  Lows will get into the low 50s.  Regardless we look to stay dry until Friday so there isn’t much to say about that – that said – keep that umbrella handy by the time we get to the weekend because it looks like you will need it.

Well shareholders you picked a great day to be in town – it will be nice and warm with highs in the low 80s after some initial overcast skies (with some morning fog possible).  We warm up even a bit more tomorrow with the next chance for showers coming mid week.