Disneyland Weather Report for March 15th from @WDW_Weather

See now this forecast has been giving me fits all week so why don’t we all just fly to Central Florida and visit there for the weekend?  No?  Ok I’ll see what I can do.

Today wont be the worst day you’ve ever seen but it clearly will not be the best.  That said, it will be the best day you see for the next few days so get outside and enjoy it.

Expect some sunshine this afternoon as highs get into the upper 60s but a potential winter storm is coming and I’m not saying you will see snow here, but in the mountains yes you will. 

Friday doesn’t look like an awful day but temperatures will stay in the low 60s thanks to the cloud cover and then here comes that disturbance and some really heavy rain is possible Friday night into Saturday.

Right now it looks like Saturday will be a wash out and maybe we will have some clearing Sunday now – more information on that tomorrow.