Disneyland Weather Report for March 19th from @WDW_Weather

After a less than stellar weekend it looks like things are going to finally take a turn for the better … (dramatic pause) … just in time for me to leave!  Thanks for nothing Mother Nature!  That said, my departure from Southern California is clearly your gain as every day gets better through hump day.

The sun SHOULD return for the most part today (there was plenty of sunshine Sunday for all the marathon runners), but some sprinkles may linger into the early morning hours.  The winds are no joke and with that said even if there isn’t a high surf advisory in affect, be careful if you plan on venturing into the Pacific waters today.  If you are crazy enough to go out into the water when the air temperature will likely not get out of the 50s today then there’s a good chance you will not heed that advisory.  Expect a high in the upper 50s with winds finally becoming calm after the morning hours.  Lows will dip into the mid 40s and then Tuesday temperatures rebound nicely as they shoot back up in the mid to upper 60s with plenty of sunshine to go around.