Disneyland Weather Report for March 20th from @WDW_Weather

As I depart your fair state of California on my red eye tonight you can thank me all by sending gift baskets and Captain Morgan because I am convinced it is my departure that will allow you to have some of the best weather you’ve seen in a while.

A chilly below average day Monday will lead to a more “normal” day today with plenty of sunshine as highs get back into the upper 60s.  Lows will dip into the upper 40s (which may actually feel like the surface of the sun after how cold it has been).  Temperatures continue to climb as we get into your hump day tomorrow as we get into the low to mid 70s. 

Temps trend back downward as we sail towards the weekend but won’t get anywhere near as cold as it was this weekend.  Enjoy and once again – you’re all welcome J!