Disneyland Weather Report for March 22nd from @WDW_Weather

I’m almost laughing as I look at the computer models tonight because I know I don’t have plans to be back in Southern California for at least a couple more weeks but guess what – the rain will beat me there J!

Yes my suggestion friends is to enjoy today as highs get up to right about 70 as soon as the patchy fog dissipates.  Lows will get down into the low 50s and then Friday will continue with the whole calm before the storm motif but it will be cooler.

Friday highs will only be in the mid 60s and then here come the clouds.  Right now it looks like Saturday night the rain will come in leaving Sunday to be the not so hot day … what is it about weekends in Southern California lately?  Hate to say it – but you can’t pin THIS one on me.

We’ll see what happens as things OFTEN change in Southern California so when you read this space tomorrow it could be totally different … but hey … at least I’m honest J!