Disneyland Weather Report for the March 23rd Weekend from @WDW_Weather

And here we go again … I eluded to it during the forecast yesterday but models are continuing to come into agreement that it looks like we’ll have another wet weekend.  Saturday doesn’t look like a washout but for Sunday you may want to make it a Netflix/Redbox kind of day.

So for the short term today is about as good as it gets through the weekend so enjoy what sun you can get today.  In fact it looks like there may be some drizzle right when you wake up, though that looks to dissipate as we head into the afternoon.  Temperatures will top out in the mid 60s and then dip into the mid 40s for overnight lows.  Saturday looks to be a day with some clouds and some sun and then here come the clouds Saturday night followed by rain for Sunday.  The rain should be light early and then pick up sometime after noon.

Right now preliminary rain totals are coming in anywhere between a trace to over 2 inches (how’s that for a range).  Mountain snow can be expected above 6,000 feet so be careful but it looks like old man winter isn’t throwing in the towel JUST yet!