Disneyland Weather Report for the August 3rd Weekend from @WDW_Weather

If only every day could be a Southern California day and if every girl could be a California girl … (sigh) – or something like that.  I tell you it doesn’t get much easier than this and the entire week has been just ridiculously easy for me but here goes nothing.

Plan on morning fog followed by PLENTY of sunshine through the weekend and into next week.  Temperatures may top out a couple of degrees cooler than it has been the last few days but still plan on things warming up into the upper 70s through at least Monday and actually by the time we get to Monday we will once again be right around 80.

Lows will dip down into low 60s as fog develops overnight.

For anyone keeping their eyes on the tropics if you have loved ones in or around Florida and/or around the Gulf Coast.  We are approaching the peak of the Atlantic Hurricane season and I’ve got some information on newly named Tropical Storm Ernesto if you are interested over on the Walt Disney World forecast page on Laughing Place.  Have a great weekend and see ya next week.