Disneyland Weather Report for October 8 from @WDW_Weather

Hey guys – sorry I’ve been a bit absent – we had a few vacations going on on the site and frankly I just forgot what day it was … (slips flask back into pocket).

Well what a difference a week makes eh?  Looks like someone finally remembered to turn off that convection oven in the sky as one week we are in the triple digits the next we are struggling to hit 70!  Expect highs in the mid 70s today, low 70s tomorrow and then like I said Thursday is going to be a cool one and you might be wishing for temperatures from about a week and a half ago!

We rebound nicely though as we head back up towards 80 this weekend and as it stands right now – we may be in the low 80s to start the week off.

Lows will be in the mid to upper 50s through the period.