Disneyland Weather Report for October 29 from @WDW_Weather

Apologies for the lack of weather coverage Friday and over the weekend I have been helping with Sandy coverage for some colleagues and honestly this is an epic storm the likes most have never seen.  Sandy has now tied the strongest (lowest pressure) storm north of Cape Hatteras and managed to even strengthen a bit overnight.  Over 50 million people WILL be affected and when high tide comes to the northeast tonight it won’t be pretty.

I don’t need to beat a dead horse here.  Pretty typical Southern California weather will be the rule today and the rest of the week.  Morning fog gives way to sun for most of the week.  Highs today will be around 80 and then slowly drop into the mid 70s by mid week – but for the most part it will be more of the same old same old and not nearly as exciting as what is going on along the northeast coast.