Disneyland Weather Report for October 30 from @WDW_Weather

Some of our most populated cities in the US just went through an unprecedented weather event the likes of which have not been seen in this country in a LONG time.  Sandy will go down as one of the most powerful (lowest pressure) storms in history the destruction along much of the coastline in the mid Atlantic and northeast is almost unbelievable.  I do hope anyone who has families in these areas has been able to contact them and make sure they are OK.  As someone who has studied weather and worked in the field with some of the people many of you saw on TV last night … I am in awe and shock once again at the power of nature.  Too many people asked me yesterday leading up to landfall if the media was over sensationalizing/hyping this storm … I trust the images you woke up to this morning have made you think otherwise.  This was one of the best forecast storms that I can remember in a long time from early weekend on based on track / rainfall and even power outage estimates.  I hope it serves as a reminder that while not an exact science meteorology is an important one and hopefully some of the people I used to work with managed to save more than a few lives.

While a little roller coaster ride when it comes to temperatures is in store the actual forecast looks to remain the same.  As in expect patchy fog in the morning (obviously more dense towards the coast) with afternoon sun. Today temperatures will be in the upper 70s, they will dip down into the low 70s the next two days before rebounding back up towards 80 for the weekend.  All in all things look pretty good for Southern California (though the edge goes to Orlando this week … sorry kids).