Disneyland Weather Report for the November 2nd Weekend from @WDW_Weather

Ah finally the weekend – some TGIF and please continue to send all good things to those affected by Sandy.  Initial estimates have this going down as the 2nd most expensive storm in history…i.e. – a very big deal.

Let the warm up commence …again.  Well first we need to get through today.  Today isn’t going to be the best way to start a weekend but things improve tomorrow and even more on Sunday.  Plan on some drizzle possible through the early hours and highs will struggle to get out of the 60s.  Tomorrow clouds degrees and we jump up into the mid 70s and then Sunday look out – more sun and highs all the way back up into the mid 80s!

The warmth and sun continues right into the beginning of next week … really really nice weather for Southern California.  Enjoy.