Disneyland Weather Report for Thanksgiving Week from @WDW_Weather

OK guys – since I know most of you are more concerned about 1) Eating 2) Shopping and 3) Sleeping – we are going to cover the rest of the Thanksgiving Holiday week for you right here – easy peasy.

I can do something like this not because yes I am a certified meteorologist no – but because Mother Nature is allowing me so by giving me essentially the same exact forecast from today through Saturday (yay nature)!

So while temperatures will fluctuate a bit over the next week – the general rule be your typical Southern California set up.  Patchy fog in the morning followed by afternoon sunshine.  The temps will go from low 70s to a bit cooler and then spike right back up into the upper 70s by the end of the weekend.  Lows will average out in the mid 50s through the period.

Have a great week everyone – eat up – shop well – and we’ll chat with you next week!