The Orlando Sentinel is reporting that Marco Fidel Castro is suing Disney Cruise Line due to the guest cutting his thumb off in a stateroom door. According to Castro’s lawyer, “He was near the hallway door with his thumb on the door frame, and his wife was holding the door open with her foot. She moved and her foot came away, and he didn’t realize the door was closing. The door slammed shut with force.”

Disney Cruise Line did not immediately respond to a request for comment on the suit.

Castro is a resident of Columbia. The report indicates that they traveled out of Port Miami to San Juan, Puerto Rico in April, but we could not find any record of an itinerary that matches this description.

Their lawyer said Castro went for days without seeing another doctor – that the first attempt to see an expert at a port-of-call resulted in Castro being told that an appropriate doctor wasn’t available there. When the ship landed at Puerto Rico two days later, Wagner said that Castro finally saw another doctor who told him it was too late to reattach his thumb.

The suit alleges negligence and breach of duty against Disney Cruise Lines, including failure to maintain cruise cabin doors in a safe manner; failure to warn anyone of the dangers associated with the cabin doors; failure to provide safety devices on the hinges of the cabin doors; failure to provide timely and adequate medical care.

The suit seeks unspecified damages associate with the cost of medical care and other costs.



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