Disney Interactive Transforms One Model into Five Alice Characters


Disney Interactive’s stylists transformed one model into five different Alice Through the Looking Glass-inspired looks.

For Mia Washikowska’s Alice, the team of stylists paired a bold brow with a subdued, feminine cheek shimmer. They also recreated Anne Hathaway’s White Queen with a sunken eye look, lightning white hair and a deep crimson lip.

Helena Bonham Carter’s Red Queen came to life with a regal updo, heart-shaped ruby lips and a neckline-enhancing lace collar.

With hair pinned up, the model also took on some male character’s looks as well. She was transformed into Sacha Baron Cohen’s Time (sans mustache) and a Johnny’s Depp with bouncing orange curls as the Mad Hatter.

You can watch the full transformations in the video from Disney Style.