According to a report in the Miami Herald, Disney is looking to purchase another island in the Bahamas and make it into a Cruise Line stop. Egg Island, as it is known, is said to be “unspoiled” and a favorite spot for nesting turtles. As a result, news of Disney’s potential purchase has caused outrage among locals and others.

“Everything that the Bahamian government wants to save, Egg Island is a perfect example of that natural harmony. There’s juvenile fish being protected and conchs. The circle of life is going on and on there and it’s just jaw-droppingly amazing,” said attorney Holly Peel. She has started a petition to preserve the island. Additionally, a Facebook page called Stop Disney from Purchasing Egg Island has emerged to support the effort.


At this time, little is known about what Disney’s plans for the island might be. However, the government recently allowed a contractor apparently hired by Disney to take samples around the island, which is when locals began to take notice.

When asked by the Miami Herald, Disney said they did not comment on speculation.



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