Why Are 100 Nursing Home Seniors Going to Disney World?

We often hear phrases like “you’re never too old for Disney” but now one healthcare facility is taking that to heart. Signature Healthcare has announced that they will be taking 100 senior citizens from their Kentucky and Tennessee nursing homes and taking them to Walt Disney World. While there, the young at heart will enjoy a stay at the luxurious Grand Floridian Resort and Spa in addition to all that the WDW’s four theme parks have to offer from November 7th through November 10th.


“For many people, an annual vacation is something they may take for granted. For our residents, a vacation is something they may not take at all,” said Angie McAllister, director of quality of life and culture change for Signature HealthCARE. “We want our vacation program to fulfill our residents’ dreams, giving them experiences of a lifetime and helping them not only exist but thrive.”

This Walt Disney World excursion is just one of Signature’s many outings as part of their Elder Vacation program. As McAllister said, “Many of our residents are from rural communities, and have not ever had the opportunity to walk the beach, view the mountains or take in the sights of a theme park. Through our resident vacation program, we make these dreams come true and open the door to adventure.” Sound pretty magical to us!