Disney Quest Closing July 3, Replaced by NBA Experience

Disney has announced that Disney Quest will close on July 3 to make way for the long-delayed NBA Experience. The new facility is described as “a one-of-a-kind basketball-themed experience featuring hands-on activities that put guests of all ages right in the middle of NBA game action. There will be immersive NBA video productions and numerous interactive experiences, as well as a restaurant and a retail store.”

The Disney Quest closure was originally announced in 2015 with an expected effective date sometime in 2016. However as 2016 was nearing its end, it was revealed that Disney Quest would remain open for the beginning of 2017. It is not known what caused the delay in the transformation of Disney Quest into the NBA Experience.

The NBA Experience is described as the first change to Disney Springs Westside, but we do not yet know what other changes are coming. As Downtown Disney transformed into Disney Springs, the West Side has remained virtually unchanged. It may be presumed that West Side may be the next component of the reimagination of Disney Springs.

Disney Quest opened in 1998 as was expected to be the first of many “Virtual Theme Parks” across the country. A Chicago branch opened in 1999 but closed in 2001 and was the only other Disney Quest to ever operate. Disney Quest, along with Club Disney and the ESPN Zone, where the creations of Disney’s Regional Entertainment initiative. In July, ESPN Zone Anaheim will be the last vestige of Disney’s regional experiment.