Tokyo DisneySea to Introduce New Duffy Friend, Stella Lou

As you probably know, Duffy the Disney Bear is kind of a big deal at the Tokyo Disney Resort and beyond. His popularity has led to the introduction of many of his other friends over the years including Shellie May (another bear) and Gelatoni (a cat). Now Tokyo DisneySea is getting ready to welcome another one of Duffy’s companions: a rabbit named Stella Lou. You’ll also notice the adorable bunny is wearing ballerina slippers as it is apparently her dream to become a dancer.

Stella Lou

From left to right: Mickey, Stella Lou, and Duffy

The Tokyo Disney Resort’s website (the page is currently only available in Japanese) shares the first images of Stella Lou, who will appear as an in-park character in addition to commanding new merchandise and food items. Many of these items will go on sale March 30th, with various other release dates following. The character herself will debut on April 4th.

So what do you think of Duffy’s newest friend? Are you hoping she’ll make her way stateside someday?