Rise of the Underminer

Rise of the Underminer

UPDATE: Disney has informed us that the poster is not legit.

At tonight’s performance of The Music of Pixar Live at Disney’s Hollywood Studios, a poster was shown with the title; The Incredibles 2: Rise of the Underminer.

The Underminder was the villain, voiced by Pixar lucky charm John Ratzenberger, that appears at the end of the original Incredibles film. The title, Rise of the Underminer was the name of a sequel video game that was released in 2005.

In the game.  the Underminer  has created the Magnomizer, intending to reverse the position of the earth’s crust and fill the sky with extreme pollution to create an artificial underground.

Is this the actual title of the Incredibles sequel? Will it have any connection to the video game? It is odd that the poster would call out “From the Creators of Finding Nemo” as it has been quite some time since that movie has been released and featured a different creative time.

Whatever the title ends up being, the Incredbiles sequel, directed by Brad Bird, will be released June 15, 2018.